How do you make rules for yourself and do they limit your freedom? Temperance: Another Major Arcana today! 

If one more person says “work life balance” to me, I will scream. What does that even mean? I watch Netflix and think about work, I am working on invoicing and downloading the monthly accounts and zip into Facebook to bequeath a witty update. Well, I think it’s witty, I’ll check in a minute and see how many likes it got! Is that work/life balance? What about balancing relationships? If I ring one member of my family do I have to ring them all? If I don’t want to go out should I make myself or “I am not getting out enough”? Temperance can be so unhelpful if we deal in absolutes.

Forgive me, I do like Temperance but only when the rules are thrown out for the human. How about adding a framework to those creative ideas – e.g. taking a course on running a business before starting one, or consciously taking time out, away from everything but host a dinner party first? Alternatively choose to throw yourself into work but meditate for 20 minutes first? Rigid Temperance is Saturn in domineering mode, Freed Temperance is Venus with Mars, creativity with activity, passion with military planning.

Plan, create, find freedom in structure. Harder said than done. I make lists (clean bathroom, send work emails, meditate more, download a movie, do laundry, book car in for a service, go to the gym) and then thank Temperance for helping me mindmap my activities. (I’m not telling if I ever look at the list again! )

Does Temperance increase freedom in your life or limit it? #tarot Tuesday January 3rd 2017