Chillax with Netflix if life has been busy/stressful lately, no? 

I must admit, I like it when the 4 of Swords comes up. Time to chill, veg on the sofa, snooze in bed. It can be the card of sickness and hospitals particularly if you have been too stressed by other Sword situations and it’s brought you low, but there is something about the recovery in 4 of Swords that makes me reach for leek and potato soup and an old movie that I really enjoy. What shall it be tonight? The Sound of Music? The Long Kiss Goodnight? or shall we just listen to some classical music? You decide, I’ve made enough decisions lately.

What will this card bring for you today? It’s Friday 6th January 2017 so maybe give up on the Friday night drinks and head home? It’s not like you haven’t partied all year so far! :p

FYI yesterdays 2 of Pentacles ended up being me not doing anything on my to-do list but just tidying up and find a spot for everything. I do think Pentacles like order and neatness. 🙂