Will the 3 of Cups mean too much of a good thing #today? #tarot Wednesday 4th January 2017 

I know some people love the Cups cards, as minor arcana tarot they are probably the favourites. But it’s all a bit undeserved as there’s more strife in Cups which are emotionally charged than say Pentacles which is slow and steady and physical. But the 3 of Cups? It’s right up there with good times, parties and fun. If you are on holiday right now, and very likely you are,  this is the day when you just flow from one great discussion to a yummy lunch to awesome drinks. From a chat with your mum to giggling with girlfriends to smooching under the stars with someone too lovely for words. Nothing can go wrong. Oh ok, maybe your credit card is slightly bruised and your new year’s resolution to go to the gym, cut down on carbs and slow up on the wines might have been dented, but who cares! Let the good times roll!

Just tell everyone “The 3 of Cups made me do it”. They’ll understand, right?!? xxxx