Does the Empress bring you more possibilities than you can handle?

January 1st: Today’s tarot is The Empress. I don’t feel very Empress-y and I have an (undeserved) hangover from New Year’s Eve (3 drinks in 6 hours is undeserved, even if it’s more than I usually drink). So why did The Empress present today?

Empress Tarot

First a Major Arcana on the first day of the month and the first day of the year. And she is traditionally the #3 Card. I wonder if the Empress brings this year more possibilities than can be handled? Are you sensing “overwhelm” – too much of too many things? The Empress insists you prioritise – resolutions are one way of prioritising your thoughts and actions for the next year. What projects do you want to achieve, what have you started and what will you finish?

My basket is full (some tarot cards have the Empress with a full basket), how does your’s look?