Billy Graham Chart

(from astrotheme)
I just watched a program on TV – Pastor to Presidents – about Billy Graham’s life and his influence on American Presidents.

It made me wonder if he had a Sagittarius north node. And sure enough, he does! I believe a sag north node can be the defining influence on the person’s life. In Billy Graham’s case, he had to focus on providing spiritual advice. He provided the “broad perspective” is how George Bush (snr) put it.

I am not one of those astrologers who sees the south node as “negative” and the north node as “positive”. Instead, the south node is what we do well, and can rely on but stops nourishing us if that is all we rely on. The north node is where we are going, but we can’t deny our past south node completely.

So when Billy Graham says he takes the big picture and makes it easily understood by the common denominator, that is north and south node working perfectly in tandem. However when he tried to intervene in politics early on – his comments on Jews (caught on tape), his friendship with Nixon (who made the tape) – he was profoundly affected. Gemini south node will get caught everytime when vacillating to respond to the audience. North node in sag has to believe in a higher power and rely on that intuition. Not the beliefs of anyone who happens to be in the room. Sag needs to stay strong and focussed on a higher form of knowledge. Not blow with the wind.

Of course if you have a Gemini north node you have the opposite challenge. A strong sense of intuition, religious knowledge and higher politics but now the need to manipulate and re-posit depending on the audience. Making sure the message is heard according to the listeners internal language, not as a “truth from on high”. Both – Sag/Gemini north/south – challenge knowledge, communication and understanding and how we evolve to make sense of the world. Gemini north node will be political journalists interpretating the big picture into real world events.

I wonder what Pluto conjunct his natal Mars (27) and Moon (28) in Sagittarius will bring between now and the end of November? More than just biography shows on foreign TV, I think. A new adventure which he is eager for, I think – particularly when Jupiter hits that spot between now and Christmas – and it will have a massive impact on the spiritual consciousness of his congregation.