abouthellenWe’ve been watching Hellen Buttigieg’s show “Neat TV” in our house. Resulting in a guilty flurry of cupboard-baring and wardrobe-sifting. Very cathartic. If you haven’t seen the show – it’s on Foxtel – Hellen invades your home, and tidies it up. Everything has a place and is in it’s place. Defining areas. Tables and drawers neat and tidy. I can’t find Hellen’s birthdate – it’s in 1962 so she definitely has Uranus and Pluto in Virgo – but I’m guessing she also has other planets in Virgo plus some in Cancer. I’m addicted to before and after shots on shows like these.

Moon in Virgo today and Venus enters Virgo tomorrow. Isn’t there a corner of your castle that needs a spring clean? Both planets are stalking Saturn in Virgo which in turn is marching up to an opposition with Uranus in giving-Pisces. Any clutter should make it’s way to needy hands or recycle – don’t just trash it. You’ll feel better for it.

EDIT: I had a very nice email from Hellen clarifying – she is actually born May 11, 1963 (not 1962!). No time or place. But if I create a chart for May 11th 1963, 12pm in Toronto Ontario, she has Sun (Taurus) conjunct Mercury (last degrees of Taurus) in an out of sign square to Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo (clean and tidy). Taurus is comfort and luxury and extravagance. A grand trine between Venus in Aries, Mars in Leo and Moon in Sagittarius is a bit confusing… quite militaristic. There is some international flavour to her work. Pluto crunched through the home/Moon in 2005-2006, that would have been quite overwhelming, yet empowering. The North Node in Cancer is clear – the past life values (south node in Capricorn) of building career/business is now channeled into the current life of home and hearth. It’s lovely to get emails from people I blog about. 🙂