amywinehouse (from astrotheme)

Tough chart and one that is just about played out because we have Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter and Pluto moving on from Sagittarius. Sag wants to be free, experiment, all-knowing, sit-around-toking-and-discussing-the-universe. Virgo is quiet and industrious, clean and tidy, service to mankind etc.

Wow, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon, SOUTH node and Neptune in Sagittarius. When there are that many planets around a south node and none around the north node, the person has decided to go back and face demons. Over and over again. Every time she pulls herself out of old bad behaviour, she gets sucked back in. Boundless enthusiasm and energy to keep trying though.

Amy has a Virgo Sun/Mercury (retrograde) square Moon/South Node in Sagittarius. Also in Sag, is Neptune. How she balances both Virgo and Sag I don’t know – Virgo’s need to focus, think clearly, and take pleasure in fixing little things with Sag’s always bored, always seeking more, need for spiritual experiences (probably through sex/love – Mars conjunct Venus (Leo) is trine the other planets in Sag) and through drugs (Neptune). Very tricky. That battle is then articulated through a Gemini North Node – the need to express not the answer, but the journey.

Jupiter and Pluto have both recently passed over these Sag/Virgo hotspots. It would appear to the world as though she was spinning out of control, more drugs, more men, greedy for emotional and spiritual adventures. As Saturn comes into sight, and moves further into Virgo, in the next year or so, she will move into a much more structured environment.

This post is for a friend who like Amy Winehouse.