cosmosIt’s a little odd this week. Not in a Uranian fun and exciting odd way but a little more dreary.

Monday is April Fool’s Day – we might see the tail end of Uranus activity fall flat as people do inappropriate things.

Tuesday Pluto, newly in Capricorn, moves retrograde. The changes you have experienced since January, so deep that you barely noticed them, are going to be shored up. How will this play out? Well, if you made a new friend or relationship in January, but you’ve been too busy to understand their importance, they may leave for six months or more. At sometime in the near future, you will wake up and realise, hey! they were important (Pluto in 11th or 7th or even 5th).

Oh and whatever end-of-Sagittarius thing you had going on since 2005 is moving back in for a final showdown. Be prepared.  You may get a hint of it this week.  But only a hint. Like I said, dreary.

Midweek sees the movement of Mercury into Aries and an immediate square with Pluto. This will only reinforce the *hints* – brief notes, emails, communications or even thoughts that are hard to place in context. All will be revealed but not until later in the year. Tuesday and Wednesday are definitely preparing  you to go back over deep buried old ground.

Next weekend – New Moon on Sunday at around 17 degrees Aries, just as Venus joins Mercury in Aries.  Changes abound. Unthought of consequences for jumping in, what will you do on Saturday night and gain an awareness of on Sunday?