solar-systemThe main aspects for this week pretty well all involve Uranus. The Mercury/Venus travelling combo (they are inseparable at the moment, in a conjunction) both conjunct with Uranus on Friday, followed by the big one, Jupiter conjunct Uranus.

The Mercury/Venus and Uranus conjunction (Mercury Venus on Monday 24th at 14 degrees Pisces) and Uranus on March 28th/29th at 19 degrees Pisces will bring sudden communications and contacts (relationships/meetings) that change your life. This will be followed by some deep thinking over the weekend (Jupiter loves deep thinking) that somehow re-energises and grows you. An example: you go to a coffee meeting (Venus) on Thursday where it’s suddenly communicated (Mercury) that you should hop on a plane to somewhere exotic (Jupiter rules travel) or take a course (Jupiter rules higher education and mind expansion). That sort of thing.

Uranus in Pisces is in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius – this means they are in each other’s sign of rulership, so they can swap if they want. Oh, and they sextile each other. Whatever Mercury/Venus and Jupiter reveal through Uranus at the end of this week, will be rich in spiritual and social value. This resounds of “life mission” stuff. Not too heavy though – you’ll enjoy it! I promise!

Saturday morning is the peak – mid morning – but it should last all weekend.