Apologies for non-arrival of last week’s post. I wrote it but somehow it didn’t end up on here.mystic-rectangle

This week – everything is happening at the end of the week. From the minute Venus enters Pisces (and then a day later) Mercury, we have a Mystic Rectangle. First Mars and Pluto are still opposite in Cancer and Capricorn. Then Venus/Mercury are opposite Saturn in Pisces and Virgo. Because they are all between 1 degree and 4 degrees, we have quite a tight orb. The Cancer/Virgo (Mars/Saturn) and the Pisces/Capricorn sextile VenusMercury/ Pluto are the four points.

What does this mean? Well for one, there’s a lot of long planned work there. Be a stickler for detail but keep working on those long held dreams. No Uranus/Aquarius in sight so you should be able to stick with it, working steadily. Even on a relationship or hobby, it’s steady steady steady.  Something you’e been planning for a while (September last year?) is coming to fruition. It will take you further and faster than you could’ve imagined. This is a great week, you won’t see another one exactly like it for some time to come.

Enjoy it!