Sydney at 5:35am on Tuesday June 23rd 2009, the Moon in her own sign, Cancer, meets fiery Sun at 1 deg 30. Exactly 1/2 degree away, in opposition, Pluto lumbers into position in Capricorn to do some real usurping of power.  Somewhere in the Universe, parents are uniting with teachers to oppose bureacrats, staff are staging quiet rebellions against toxic bosses, and you… yes, what will you do? It’s a new start but not a new idea. Something that’s been brewing in your noggin for ages. Time to own it, start it, finish it. And pay the piper. Pluto in Capricorn always pays the Piper, on time, and with a tip. Use a Moon Magick planner to guide yourself throughout the phases.

Full Moon in Cancer opp Pluto in Capricorn
CLICK FULL SIZE Full Moon in Cancer opp Pluto in Capricorn
  • Aries – if you’ve been working hard and ignoring brewing issues at home, just try staying on that path!
  • Taurus – Mars and Venus conjunct in your sign, a new moon in your 3rd house and Pluto in your 9th? Talk it over. And be prepared to dig and dig.
  • Gemini – Balance your needs with those of a loved one please! Pleasure and pain too. What’s that you say? Yes you CAN listen as well as talk!
  • Cancer – it’s all about you, love. And your love. What will you choose? A new comfortable start on your own, or a tall dark stranger who can show you the good life, outside of the kitchen/sofa?
  • Leo – The south node is in direct aspect with the New Moon. Don’t let old habits pull you apart. Particularly dietary ones – you know that when the moon is in Cancer you eat comfort food. (12th house).
  • Virgo – sorry about Saturn upsetting you, particularly as you of all signs like routine and fairness. But the old teacher is trining Mars/Venus conjunct in Taurus, so nice earthy activities will help throw off the recent gloom and depressions.
  • Libra- new start in career will be faced down by skullduggery in or near the home. Now it’s time to shine, you wonder if you should. But if someone is holding you back, look to the children. What sort of role model do you really want to be, for them?
  • Scorpio as you make your mark on the world, relationships are also heating up. Those Scorpios that like to be intense and focussed have a lot to choose from this month!
  • Sag – lookin’ good! Geminis are interested, even the married ones, but try to live up to your own high ideals. Philosophy and morals are no good, if you don’t put them into practice.
  • Capricorn – what happened? Pluto is gradually destroying your old life, that’s what happened. And the new moon with it’s conniptions with the nodes, and then Venus/Mars/Saturn playing on the same day will bring the finality of the changes. Try to view them with relief ok?
  • Aquarius – Jupiter and Neptune are still conjunct at 26 degrees, in your sign. You too face changes, but in spite of being a fixed sign, you are enjoying this growth and new challenges. Wacky meets wackier. Thank you, you make the world an interesting place!
  • Pisces – Uranus is also at 26 degrees, aspecting Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. You too are exploring the stranger side of life. But it’s harder to flow right now, as you move from one reality to another.

As always, my readings are for Sydney times. If you are in London, that’s about 8:30pm the night before (Monday 22nd).  Please let me know how the weekend, and Mon/Tuesday works out for you – on Twitter or here!