Thank the stars this full moon (see June 2009 Stars)  at 17 degrees Gemini/Sag

Saturn is currently in Virgo
Saturn is currently in Virgo

 squares off Saturn at 17 Virgo. For the first time since Saturn went back direct in mid-May (it had been retrograde since late December) I have felt Saturn’s discipline, structure and (in Virgo) need for routine kicking in. 


This week has been more focussed on health (Virgo rules 6th house of health and routine), going to the gym, eating my veggies and generally paying the piper for 5-6 months of general sloth. And it feels good. There is something about Saturn that makes feel happy that we have boundaries. 

I just hope it lasts. Luckily the 17th degree triggers off some gem/sag points for me, so I think it will. 

How about you? Has Saturn kicked in, started you lusting for broccoli, and gym classes? Have stalled activities, meant to bring some structure and routine to your life, started up again?