A great article here at Astrology of a Train Wreck about Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s marriage and possible break up.

madonnaguyReports are out that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are headed to the divorce court just a week after her adoption of African baby David Banda was approved.

Madonna married Guy about 7 years ago, when Saturn was transitting her 10th house of public fame and recognition and highest point of her chart. This transit was also about the time Saturn opposed her natal Saturn, a highly significant event, in the sector of home and family. Saturn, moreover, formed a number of favorable aspects during that period to her Sun, Pluto and Uranus indicating she was at the age and maturity to give up some personal control in order create a family. She may have married more for the sake of being married, as a lot of women do, as her Saturn opposition on her fame and family axis probably strengthened feelings that it was lonely at the top. She even admitted in an MTV interview, she “got married for all the wrong reasons”.

I particularly responded to “got married for all the wrong reasons”. Saturn will have something to say about that!