Well January 2012 is here. First the aspects to take note of (all times are Australian AEST):

  • Jan 7/8 sees Mercury at 28/29 degrees Sag, first sextiling Saturn then Neptune.
  • The full moon on Monday Jan 9 is at 18 degrees Cancer 5:30pm
  • Venus trines Saturn, conjuncts Neptune then heads straight into Pisces on Friday 13th. Wham bam…!
  • A new moon on January 23rd is at 2 degrees Aquarius 5:40pm
  • And then Mars goes retrograde on January 24th 2012 at 23 degrees Virgo 10:53am 


Capricorn (January 2012 horoscope)

When you look back over the last year, you realise how much you have changed. More than other years I think, no? But only in one area so far. Never mind, Pluto will make sure you continue to change, and it will start in other areas. So if your looks/appearance has changed, now it’s time for you career and love life and house to change. Yep all of them. If your job changed, now the others will too. This goes deeper and wider than you thought. But I think you’ve got some time to “go slow”. Mars is retro and that will help you get used to things – Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Cap. I’d love to know what you are doing with 2012 Capricorn!

Aquarius (January 2012 horoscope)

The end of the month is definitely your time as the Sun in your sign makes a courtesy call on your Ruler Uranus in Aries and then there is a New Moon in Aquarius. You will shine! Have you been bored lately? Not sure where things are heading? The next 4-6 weeks will be very telling. By March/April you won’t know yourself. Sudden changes are not for everyone but I think you will enjoy these very much. Of course it depends on your viewpoint and mood. Just trust you will be in a great place by August.

Pisces (January 2012 horoscope)

Neptun is heading into Pisces soon. That is so exciting isn’t it! Your frustration with people who don’t understand that underlying everything is spirituality will diminish and you will find your “group” or spiritual family. No, not a cult, just good friends that share the same interests and values as you. You won’t have to explain everything and be called a “wacko” for saying it out loud. I think Uranus in your sign for such a long time helped to remove your shyness but still, it’s about time you weren’t so isolated. Just try to go through the next few years conscious, Pisces, not in a drunken or otherwise intoxicated haze. You’ll appreciate it more! I wonder if you have your friends that share your spiritual approach to life nearby already?

Aries (January 2012 horoscope)

This month will see you thinking too much about work too early in the year. What happened to your “destressing in 2012” resolution hmm? What I do see is in the first few weeks, more time spent chatting with work colleagues than pushing them. Nothing is fast enough at work but you do seem to be easing up a bit. Friends will be fun later in the month, take a few days off, ignore family dramas and head out for a picnic or the beach with old friends. Once Mars goes Retro on the 24th, you won’t be feeling too flash – take a painkiller if you must and have a lie down. You’ll be up again in no time! And what are you going to do to destress in 2012?

Taurus (January 2012 horoscope)

How are you finances? A bit quiet after Christmas? Wishing you hadn’t spent so much or maxed out your Visa card? Don’t worry, you’ll be squeezing more money in soon, probably from a hobby or a passion you hadn’t expected to be able to make money from. Follow that development! Later in the month a romance will suddenly settle down if it’s been all about. Perhaps things were going well until Christmas then you lost touch with intimacy? It’s back. If it’s not then I’m sorry but it might be gone for good. At least the arguing will vanish until August at least! Do you prefer to be in an argumentative relationship or peacefully/boringly on your own?

Gemini (January 2012 horoscope)

Chat, chat chat with your significant other. Lucky for you they understand how you like to jabber on about your day. And they appreciate it, even if they don’t say so – not everyone can be entertaining about daily chores and tasks like you Gemini! Don’t gloss over concerns though in an effort to be amusing. If you are worried about money, signal the “serious discussion time” warning. The other people in your life think you are doing so well, they might miss the signs if you jump from one subject to another. Try and get out at the end of the month to nature or a beach, you’ll be rewarded with a fresh perspective. I wonder if you know how much people do listen to you?


Cancer (January 2012 horoscope)

I think you are secretly concerned about something at home and you haven’t spoken up yet. Well you will and very soon. They need to hear it! I wouldn’t clear the air after Mars goes retrograde, that will just cause more hassles. Early is good. Venus is shining on you all month, so you have nothing to fear from whatever it is you want to say. Just beware of a Scorpio or similar in the background – he or she wants to put a spin on your words that you don’t actually mean. So be very clear. Write it out if necessary. Ask for help perhaps?

Leo (January 2012 horoscope)

Your creativity knows no bounds. Creativity is such a funny word – in astrology it can mean painting and singing, yes, but also children and rearranging the house in a more convenient way. No matter what you try, you will shine. I think you are contemplating a new “look”, perhaps a haircut? Leos are so great at changing their personality by changing their clothes. It will suit you and bring different things into your life. Do it.

Virgo (January 2012 horoscope)

Yes it’s time to lighten up on that person – someone has to be the adult and while you are “more right” that doesn’t mean it’s going to help. You are a good judge of what people need as much as what people should be doing – follow the need first. Need a project? Organise a party, something under your own control and let your “perfectionist” streak come out there. You really are good at the organising stuff, aren’t you? Give it an outlet where you don’t rely too much on others.  Let me know what project you chose?

Libra (January 2012 horoscope)

Oh I like what you have been doing, you work hard on the details don’t you? The little things that make life beautiful. Keep doing it – Mercury says so early on, and then so does Mars later. The people who notice really love you, you know that right? You will get spiritual insight as you turn mundane tasks into works of art. Arrange flowers, rearrange furniture, paint the window frames. It’s like a meditation to you. Beauty speaks into your mind: let it. What is Beauty saying?

Scorpio (January 2012 horoscope)

Are you planning on getting a new car or  mode of transport? Getting around has been challenging for a couple of years now, or at least it’s not the same as it used to be. Never mind, use Pluto to show you how to change your transport requirements. Get a bike, or roller skates. Jog to work, catch public transport, find a way to make your daily travels more interesting to you. I think a friend is more interested in you than you first realised. What are you going to do about that?

Sagittarius  (January 2012 horoscope)

Oh Sag, you are in for a treat this month. Trines to your ruler, Jupiter and sextiles from Mercury in your sign means you should be having a great time. Will the party ever stop? Just be careful what you say, you do have a tendency to pay the piper later.  Certainly by the end of the month, that thing you said that you shouldn’t have will come back to bite you on the… You know, later it will seem funny but for right now practice saying “this is me, take me or leave me, but this is me”. We love you the way you are!
 So there are the stars for January 2012. I hope they are informative. Please let me know if you like them and would like me to do more?