tarotthefoolWow Mercury is working overtime this week.

First thing in the week, Mercury sextiles Neptune. What a relief it is to tell someone our dreams. Or to plunge into astrology or tarot, with lots of verbal healing. The Mercury conjuncts the Sun – Superior conjunction unlike the one in February. Blab blab blab? Or over thinking with the world revolving around you and inside your head instead of outside your peaceful home, where it belongs?

Then later in the week, Mercury enters Taurus. Whew, slow down already – Taurus likes to take his time. Mercury freshens up, acts cute and words become a sensual feast. As always with Mercury, a change is as good as a holiday. Especially as the very end of the week moves Mercury into alignment with Pluto (trine) and Saturn (also trine). Get it off your chest before the Sun enters Taurus and then Full Moons in Scorpio early next week. Seriously, do/say it now.