What is Starsparkles? Who is Starsparkles?

StarSparkles is an opportunity for me to communicate the random thoughts I have on astrology and life. Feel free to join me, by reading, commenting or meditating on the daily tarot, the horoscope or astrological aspects.

I’m just a normal everyday Australian woman, living in Sydney, transcribing horoscopes and weekly stars, writing about what interests me. Feel free to join and contribute.

This site was created on Sunday 2nd September 2007 at 11:48pm (ish) Sydney time.

2020 Horoscopes and more

Saturn conjunct Pluto, Jupiter trine Uranus, sextile Neptune, conjunct Saturn and Pluto. Good times! 

We start the year with Saturn conjunct Pluto. Whatever you were on track to do last year had better be finished by now! But the rest of the year belongs to Jupiter – Jupiter trine Uranus (changes suddenly fall into place) Jupiter sextile Neptune  Jupiter conjunct Saturn and Pluto. All that wishing and hoping was backed up with Saturn and Pluto deep research and hard work? Payday!