pluto-in-capSo what are the major aspects for 2009?

Here are the dates and times (Australian – AEST)

  • Saturn retrogrades at 21 Virgo 46 on January 1st at 4:07am
  • Jupiter enters Aquarius on January 6th at 1:40am
  • New Moon eclipse at 6 Aquarius 29 on January 26th at 6:69pm – Australia Day!
  • Saturn (retro) at 20 Virgo opposes Uranus at 20 Pisces on February 6th at around 8pm
  • Full Moon eclipse at 20 Leo on February 10th at 12:30am
  • Pluto retrogrades at 3 Capricorn on April 6 3:30am
  • Saturrn goes direct at 14 Virgo May 17 at 12:06pm
  • Jupiter/Neptune conjunction at 26 Aquarius on May 28 at 6:06am
  • Neptune goes retrograde the next day, 26 Aquarius May 29th at 2:29pm
  • Jupiter retrogrades 27 Aquarius June 16 at 6:50pm
  • Uranus retrogrades at 26 Pisces on Jul 1 at 6:35pm

Then we enter the second eclipse season

  • Full Moon eclipse at 16 Capricorn July 7th at 7:40pm
  • Jupiter conjuncts Neptune again (both retrograde) at 26 Aquarius on July 10th at 7:12pm
  • New Moon eclipse at 29 Cancer on July 22 at 12:35pm
  • Full Moon eclipse at 13 aquarius on August 6th at 10:39pm
  • Pluto direct again at the beginning of Capricorn ( 00Cap39) Sep 12 at 2:56pm
  • Saturn (24 Virgo 42) opposes Uranus (24 Pisces 42) on September 15th at 10:51 pm
  • Jupiter direct at 17 Aquarius on Oct 13 at 2:34pm
  • Saturn enter Libra on October 30 at 3 AM
  • Neptune goes direct at 23 Aquarius on November 5 at 4:09 AM
  • Saturn (1 Libra 42)  squares Pluto (1 Cap 42) on November 16th at 1:19am
  • Uranus direct at 22 Pisces on December 2 at 6:27am
  • Jupiter and Neptune conjunct at 24 Aquarius 17 just bfore Christmas, December 21 at 6:50pm

There we have it, eclipses for 2009, a couple of major aspects this year and the retrogrades and direct motions of the outer planets.

In particular watch for Jupiter in Aquarius expanding dreams, fantasies and good old fashioned self deception all year – Jupiter conjuncts Neptune THREE times.  Saturn opposes Uranus twice – that’s a lot of Saturnian hard work thrown away on a Uranian whim.  I get the feeling that Pluto is on Uranus side  -wants to upset the status quo – and squares up to Saturn to show whose boss. Might be best to put structure on the backburner. The Saturn vs Uranus/Pluto combines with airyfairy Jupiter/Neptune means you can’t be sure what you are building is what is good for you anyway.  Don’t believe me? Check how Jupiter and Neptune meet in May and immediately start to head backwards.