The way I approach horary questions: will I change my job, should I move and find a new job, should I change career is to look to the 6th or the 10th house. If someone is working as a nurse and wants to move to a different hospital, it will mostly show up in the 6th house. The day to day routine changes, but the basic job doesn’t. However if the nurse wants to become a pilot or an artist, that would show up in 10th house. Change of career = change of life at a fundamental level.

using the 10th house for a similar job – is not helpful. The 10th house is the “legacy” house – where you find fame and fortune and true calling and all that good stuff. It’s a big, axis house. Sixth house is important but it’s how you approach the day to day routines. Changing jobs as a clerk in one office to another or a shop keeper from one retail to another is very 6th house. Sixth house ┬áis also how you serve others day to day. Tenth house is how you lead them. I guess it could be confusing for a CEO position – changing from being the CEO of an airline to CEO of a bank but it depends on the experience and depth of change. If they have been a career CEO all their lives and are comfortable serving companies in that position then it’s 6th house. Retiring as a CEO and running a small business fishing or scuba diving would strangely enough be 10th house – huge shifts, new ambition, different life..

What do you think?