End of Pluto in SagMercury conjunct Venus
The major aspect early this week, is Mercury conjunct Venus at 11 degrees Aquarius.

If you have planets at 9-13 degrees Gemini or Sag, Aries or Libra, or Aquarius you’ll have the kind of day you enjoy. Freewheeling, lovely discussions about politics, climate control or society. Nothing to heavy and nasty. The rest of you will just have to cope with the flighty Air and volatile Fire signs diving from one subject to another. If you do have to have heavy emotional one-on-one’s today try and stay cool. This is the day for saying how you feel in an unemotional way. That Scorpio moon won’t win on this one, I promise!

Spend the rest of this week preparing for the New Moon coming up (late next week) and – also next week – Mars opposite Pluto. That one is going to wrap up the whole “Pluto finishing in Sag, passing into Capricorn” issues you have been dealing with. At least until late in the year (December ’08). The final volcanic eruption won’t be a surprise. It’s a blessed relief. Enjoy it!