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Astro Planets for February 2010

Astro Planets for February 2010

There are three major planetary configurations this month and the two major ones hit Pluto at 4 degrees Capricorn. Saturn the planet of limitations is in a square at 4 degrees Libra – the peacemaker will have to contend with the capitalist. In other words, there’s a fight brewing at work, in your industry or around the globe that cannot be avoided. Jupiter at 4 degrees Pisces says “take a chill pill” while sextiling (positive) Pluto. Pisces has a habit of doing the washing up everytime a fight come a’knocking on the door, so make sure you stand your ground, lay out your concerns or boundaries and then gracefully step back. No point flogging it to push a point – and Pluto loves to break things down irrevocably, burning bridges and leaving no stone unturned. You don’t need to give into that:

  • February 1 Saturn Square Pluto 4 Libra/Capricorn 21 at 7:26 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • February 7 Jupiter Sextile Pluto 4 Pisces/Capricorn 21 at 3:50 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • February 17  Neptune Conjunct Chiron 26 Aquarius 14 at 3:00 PM Sydney, Australia time

Neptune conjunct Chiron will see the release of a new drug, an operation or “cure” that heals. In your life, it could be a time when you add a group or find friends that support you in a new way. If you know someone young and impressionable they may be attracted to a group that is damaged or involved in drugs (Neptune rules drugs). We choose how we want to use the energies depending on our experience.

Astro Planets for January 2010

Astro Planets for January 2010

The Jan 15th eclipse is the real start of the New Year, especially as Capricorn means corporate and business.   Be aware that Saturn squares Pluto on the first of Feb but impacts most of January. Lots of power struggles limiting activity especially in business there. Try and get to the water/beach if  in the Australian Summer – Jupiter in Pisces can soothe but only around water.

  • January 1 Full Moon Eclipse 10 Cancer 21 at 5:23 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • January 4 Saturn is retrograde 4 Libra 39 1:56 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • January 15 New Moon Eclipse 25 Capricorn 01 5:07 PM Sydney, Australia time
  • January 18 Jupiter enters Pisces 00 Pisces 00 12:10 PM Sydney, Australia time

Those were the major aspects for January 2010 – do any of them aspect YOUR chart?

Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius May 2009

Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius May 2009

On May 28th 2009, at 6:05am AEST Australia, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune at 26 degrees Aquarius. Also at 26 degrees Aquarius is Chiron, the healer. Besides these three at 26 degrees Aquarius, is Mars at 26 degrees Aries. Mars will mostly add energy for a quick change to the whole configuration.


Jupiter makes big, huge in fact, any thing that comes across it’s path. And there is nebulous Neptune, minding her own business right on that path. Aquarians are not particularly orthodox in their interactions so expect major exposures of strange and erratic behaviours. Politics, drugs, movie stars, major illnesses will hit the headlines.

If you have planets at 26 degrees, especially Aquarius, Leo, or Aries watch the antics of those around you. If you are involved in humanitarian, publishing, or performance art, that warning goes double. If you are living your truth, this will blow wide open any doors you have been trying to open. The more serendipitous or strange the connection, the bigger the change it will wrought in your life. Just remember: change is good. It keeps you moving.

There’s an element of trust to this change. If Saturn was involved or one of the other planets, I’d say “preparation” or “study” or “commonsense”. But with Jupiter/Neptune, it’s “trust”. Let go, go with it, keep moving, change is good,  live your dreams, dream your life, that’s all that Jupiter and Neptune meeting up in Aquarius want. And Chiron is there to heal the way.

Mercury is slowing down again getting ready to turn direct from it’s retrograde. Mercury retrograde ends on May 31st at 11:21 AM AEST, Australia.
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Dec-Jan 2009 Major aspects

Dec-Jan 2009 Major aspects

jupiter-aqWe finish 2008 on a bang!

Monday 22nd December at around 7:30pm, we have Sun conjunct Pluto at zero degrees Capricorn. Pluto in Cap is not going to be very considerate of family issues (opposes Cancer, family). Whatever starts to blow up on Monday night will see you through Christmas and develop slowlyinto something bigger than Ben Hur over the next oh, decade or so. That sounds like fun doesn’t i!

The new year opens with Saturn retrograde. A slow revealing look at poor structures and ill fated decisions. 4am New Years Day is not the time to be driving home drunk. Trust me.

But Jupiters entry in Aquarius in early hours of January 6th 2009 will bring a philosophical acceptance to the changes Pluto is wroughting. Cultivate a distance and openness that Jupiter/Aquarius requires and you won’t get sucked into the deep Pluto/Capricorn moods.

Finally, The eclipse on January 26th, 2008 at 6 degrees Aquarius conjunct Jupiter will open our minds. Is there a situation that you just can’t accept? A new sister in law who is just too strange? A job that doesn’t make sense? The end of January brings an acceptance to situations outside of the social norm. Backtracking during Mercury retrograde is the order of the day anyway. (January 12 at 7 degrees Aquarius until Feb 1st at 21 degrees Capricorn).

In case you haven’t noticed, Pluto starts the story, with Saturn. But Aquarian Jupiter brings relief or at least an acceptance of non-conformist solutions.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from Sydney Australia.

EDIT: Elsa Elsa has a great post on Jupiter in Aquarius.

March 24th – This Week’s Sparkles

March 24th – This Week’s Sparkles

solar-systemThe main aspects for this week pretty well all involve Uranus. The Mercury/Venus travelling combo (they are inseparable at the moment, in a conjunction) both conjunct with Uranus on Friday, followed by the big one, Jupiter conjunct Uranus.

The Mercury/Venus and Uranus conjunction (Mercury Venus on Monday 24th at 14 degrees Pisces) and Uranus on March 28th/29th at 19 degrees Pisces will bring sudden communications and contacts (relationships/meetings) that change your life. This will be followed by some deep thinking over the weekend (Jupiter loves deep thinking) that somehow re-energises and grows you. An example: you go to a coffee meeting (Venus) on Thursday where it’s suddenly communicated (Mercury) that you should hop on a plane to somewhere exotic (Jupiter rules travel) or take a course (Jupiter rules higher education and mind expansion). That sort of thing.

Uranus in Pisces is in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius – this means they are in each other’s sign of rulership, so they can swap if they want. Oh, and they sextile each other. Whatever Mercury/Venus and Jupiter reveal through Uranus at the end of this week, will be rich in spiritual and social value. This resounds of “life mission” stuff. Not too heavy though – you’ll enjoy it! I promise!

Saturday morning is the peak – mid morning – but it should last all weekend.