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Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius May 2009

Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius May 2009

On May 28th 2009, at 6:05am AEST Australia, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune at 26 degrees Aquarius. Also at 26 degrees Aquarius is Chiron, the healer. Besides these three at 26 degrees Aquarius, is Mars at 26 degrees Aries. Mars will mostly add energy for a quick change to the whole configuration.


Jupiter makes big, huge in fact, any thing that comes across it’s path. And there is nebulous Neptune, minding her own business right on that path. Aquarians are not particularly orthodox in their interactions so expect major exposures of strange and erratic behaviours. Politics, drugs, movie stars, major illnesses will hit the headlines.

If you have planets at 26 degrees, especially Aquarius, Leo, or Aries watch the antics of those around you. If you are involved in humanitarian, publishing, or performance art, that warning goes double. If you are living your truth, this will blow wide open any doors you have been trying to open. The more serendipitous or strange the connection, the bigger the change it will wrought in your life. Just remember: change is good. It keeps you moving.

There’s an element of trust to this change. If Saturn was involved or one of the other planets, I’d say “preparation” or “study” or “commonsense”. But with Jupiter/Neptune, it’s “trust”. Let go, go with it, keep moving, change is good,  live your dreams, dream your life, that’s all that Jupiter and Neptune meeting up in Aquarius want. And Chiron is there to heal the way.

Mercury is slowing down again getting ready to turn direct from it’s retrograde. Mercury retrograde ends on May 31st at 11:21 AM AEST, Australia.
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Favourite Astrology Podcasts

Favourite Astrology Podcasts

I thought I would share my favourite podcasts – astrology shows I listen to while working, on my iPod or on the PC.

This week in Astrology

Benjamin Bernstein of It’s All Good Astrology has a great weekly podcast called “this week in Astrology.  He and SpiritSong (wishing them the best) give great insights.

Gemini Awakenings

Kathryn Andren & Joseph Mina are from Hawaii and I think there podcast is every Full Moon. Here’s the archive of past ones.


Kelly Lee Phipps is amusing and informative.

They are the three I listen to each month.  You can download them from iTunes (easiest) or from their site (pretty easy too!).

Celebrity: Natasha Richardson

Celebrity: Natasha Richardson

Stuyvesant High School

I am so sad to hear of the death of Liam Neeson’s wife and mother of two children, actress Natasha Richardson. She comes from a “royal” family of wonderful actors. I thought she might be an Sag with Aries moon, but no. Mars in Leo is very involved in dramatic exhibitions, and Sun/Mercury in Taurus is lovely for voice and movement. Venus in Aries – this lady did not hold back on her favor or irritation. Saturn in Aquarius meant a considerable struggle to remain aloof and focussed on the group benefit rather than personal creativity. But I feel that her North Node in Cancer meant she always focussed on home not career.

Click for Natasha Richardson's natal chart
Click for Natasha Richardson's natal chart

Aries rule the head. Taurus cooking (Top Chef host) and Sag is royalty – Hollywood royalty perhaps.

Click for Liam Neeson's natal chart

Her birth time is 5pm – if it was just a few minutes before, a descendent of early degrees Aries would place Pluto in a precarious position. Pluto ruling death and Aries the head. With both Liam and Natasha having Sag moons, I think they met and married during some intense times. Poor Liam – he has south node conjunct Pluto. That’s past ways of working that no longer work and obsession. North node in Aquarius says that no matter how much Plutonic death and destruction is around, keeping calm, and above the situation like an Aquarian is the path to higher knowing.

Easier when it’s an argument with the boss or at the traffic light than when it’s the loss of your spouse. My prayers go out to Liam and the boys.

March 30th – This Week’s Sparkles

March 30th – This Week’s Sparkles

cosmosIt’s a little odd this week. Not in a Uranian fun and exciting odd way but a little more dreary.

Monday is April Fool’s Day – we might see the tail end of Uranus activity fall flat as people do inappropriate things.

Tuesday Pluto, newly in Capricorn, moves retrograde. The changes you have experienced since January, so deep that you barely noticed them, are going to be shored up. How will this play out? Well, if you made a new friend or relationship in January, but you’ve been too busy to understand their importance, they may leave for six months or more. At sometime in the near future, you will wake up and realise, hey! they were important (Pluto in 11th or 7th or even 5th).

Oh and whatever end-of-Sagittarius thing you had going on since 2005 is moving back in for a final showdown. Be prepared.  You may get a hint of it this week.  But only a hint. Like I said, dreary.

Midweek sees the movement of Mercury into Aries and an immediate square with Pluto. This will only reinforce the *hints* – brief notes, emails, communications or even thoughts that are hard to place in context. All will be revealed but not until later in the year. Tuesday and Wednesday are definitely preparing  you to go back over deep buried old ground.

Next weekend – New Moon on Sunday at around 17 degrees Aries, just as Venus joins Mercury in Aries.  Changes abound. Unthought of consequences for jumping in, what will you do on Saturday night and gain an awareness of on Sunday?

March 10th – This Week’s Sparkles

March 10th – This Week’s Sparkles

Apologies for non-arrival of last week’s post. I wrote it but somehow it didn’t end up on here.mystic-rectangle

This week – everything is happening at the end of the week. From the minute Venus enters Pisces (and then a day later) Mercury, we have a Mystic Rectangle. First Mars and Pluto are still opposite in Cancer and Capricorn. Then Venus/Mercury are opposite Saturn in Pisces and Virgo. Because they are all between 1 degree and 4 degrees, we have quite a tight orb. The Cancer/Virgo (Mars/Saturn) and the Pisces/Capricorn sextile VenusMercury/ Pluto are the four points.

What does this mean? Well for one, there’s a lot of long planned work there. Be a stickler for detail but keep working on those long held dreams. No Uranus/Aquarius in sight so you should be able to stick with it, working steadily. Even on a relationship or hobby, it’s steady steady steady.  Something you’e been planning for a while (September last year?) is coming to fruition. It will take you further and faster than you could’ve imagined. This is a great week, you won’t see another one exactly like it for some time to come.

Enjoy it!

February 18th – This Week’s Sparkles

February 18th – This Week’s Sparkles

Eclipse in Feb 2008
Eclipse in Feb 2008

Thursday 21st, 1:31pm: Eclipse in early degrees of Pisces, conjunct Saturn. A wake up call to make dreams real.

With the move of Venus into Aquarius early on Monday morning, we coolly disengage our emotions and take more interest in offbeat art, and intellectual debates with loved ones. This cerebral approach will continue to build until well into next week when  Mercury and Venus meet at 11 degrees Aquarius.

Talking of Mercury:  finally goes direct at 8 degrees Aquarius on February 19th at 12:56pm.  Spend the day before and the day after getting papers in order, looking for lost keys and generally reclaiming your local environment (Mercury rules Gemini/3rd house) and re-establishing your routines (Mercury rules Virgo/6th house).

From late afternoon on Tuesday until the eclipse, there is a crucial buildup of planetary energy. Although there are no major planetary aspects this week between the outer planets, the Sun’s move into Pisces (0 degrees Pisces) is followed quickly by a sextile to Pluto at 0 degrees Capricorn and then Full Moon eclipse with the moon at 1 degrees Pisces. That makes for a lot of energy for those who have planets at the beginning or the very end of signs. Add into the mix the Full Moon is conjunct Saturn (5 degrees Virgo), the emphasis this week is on Pisces and Capricorn/Virgo. if you have those signs prominent in your chart, you’ll sense (not see clearly, but feel it) what the next decade or two will bring.

Why do I say that? Pluto moved into Capricorn a few weeks ago. The planet is about to make, and then act (cardinal sign) on some long term goals. Its hard to tell what long term goals a planet of people have – but if anyone can make sense of it all, Pisces can. So the sun visits visionary Pisces, taps long-transformative Pluto on the shoulder in a friendly way and then takes the discussion into the courtroom that is the confrontation (full moon – opposition) of a plan-it-all-out Virgo moon. You may not have to do anything just yet, but the dominoes will be lined up and like it or see the beginning as the first one falls… And fall they will, with the Sun opposing restrictive Saturn on Sunday 24th at 7:47pm AEST.

That eclipse is around Australian lunchtime on Thursday 21st (1:30pm for Sydney people) – 1:31pm. NASA Total Eclipse Feb 2008

You might like to read more at the NASA website their times are American EST.

All other times on this site are Australian AEST.

Saturn into Virgo today

Saturn into Virgo today


23:48pm (1:48pm GMT)Saturn leaves Leo and enters Virgo 0deg I’ve had the feeling the last few days that Saturn has been cataloging and filing in preparation for his entry into Virgo. He is collecting data on what certain individuals need to put in place with regards to eating good nutrition, exercising properly and putting structure and routine into place. Sort of Santa, making a list and checking it twice – who’s been naughty and who’s sorted out their daily routines. I suspect I am on Saturn’s hit list. And when Saturn prepares, all the Sun Signs had better make a list too!

As I start this blog, right as Saturn is moving, I feel as though it’s an opportunity to collect and manage my thoughts on paper. Well, sort of paper. Let’s see how it works out.