Natal Chart: Susan Boyle Birth Chart

Natal Chart: Susan Boyle Birth Chart

Susan Boyle Birth chart natal chart
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Susan Boyle’s birthdate (latest data) is 1 April 1961 at 9:50am in Scotland. 

What is immediately apparent is that Susan Boyle has a full moon chart. Her sun is in Aries, demanding she lead groups (11th house) opposing her Libran moon, in harmonious, creative 5th house. The demands of her creativity versus the demands of the group. Both are squared by Mars (ruler of the Aries sun). That’s a lot of power. 

Gemini ascendants tend to show two sides of their personality within quick succession. The chart is splitting between personal creativity and public leadership: reconciling both is challenging for anyone, let alone an artist that has been downloaded 200 million times in 6 weeks! 

The pairing continues with Pluto conjunct North Node at 6 degrees Virgo. Uranus would’ve opposed this pair (and conjunct south node) a few years ago, freeing her from past traits and negativity particularly associated with Neptunian Pisces traits. Incidentally, Pluto is moving into a square to the nodes/natal Pluto, so the massive changes are only just starting for Susan Boyle.  

A nice indepth piece by Lynn Hayes at Beliefnet here.

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  1. Could you please explain what the chart means in plain, simple English? Sorry, I know squat about the relationships of the planets.

  2. Not sure what part is not clear – the group vs the individual missions? Dual sided personalities? That the changes are only just starting?

    I match the relationships of the planets (aspects) with everyday interpretations. Try to learn about the aspects by reading the aspect with the plain English language “this means…” statements.
    so if you don’t understand “she has a full moon in 11th/5th” try to understand the interpretation in the next part – that is choices between groups (11th house) and individual creativity (5th house). Anyone with planets in the 11th house opposing the 5th house has a pull between doing stuff for the group vs being a star on their own. Susan Boyle has challenges in addition around caring for others vs being her own diva. More than usual actually.

    Hope this helps .

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