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January 1st 2017: Mars conjunct Neptune Astrology

January 1st 2017: Mars conjunct Neptune Astrology

Mars is currently dancing with Neptune in Pisces. Mars doesn’t really like to get up on the dancefloor but Neptune in her own sign is insistent. YOU WILL dance, step forward, back and sideways to a half hidden melody, to truths that are no longer true and face deception uncertain and semi wary.

Dancing is good. Until you are exhausted and it’s time to go home.

Neptune in turn is confronted by this vast energy of Mars. Make your dreams real Mars yells as Neptune dances away.

2017 will be full of dancing, dreams being made real, and certainties being undone.

January 11th, 2009 – This Week’s Sparkles

January 11th, 2009 – This Week’s Sparkles

StarSparkles podcast for January 11 2009Astrology and Horoscope Weekly Sparkles for Sunday January 11th until January 17th 2009.

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Podcast information – both enhanced (images) and normal audio are around 10meg. Not much difference in size, but if you have problems with the enhanced version, please use the normal MP3 version.

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This weeks full moon in Cancer, trine Saturn in Virgo combine with Mercury Retrograding in Aquarius for a interesting start to the week. Then we settle down in mainly moon aspects.


Weekly astrological forecasts from Bondi Beach in Sydney, Horoscopes for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces for the week ahead.  Take a  ten minute journey through the stars, with StarSparkles!

Stars for this week covering Full moon, trine Saturn AND Mercury going retrograde (backwards) for three weeks.

Sign Full Moon House Retro Mercury House
4 11
3 10
2 9
1 8
12 7
11 6
10 5
Scorpio 9 4
8 3
7 2
6 1
5 12

If you have trouble understanding my Australian accent, and I don’t blame  you! Then here is -more or less – the text:

StarSparkles 5 minute podcast
Hi you are listening to Astrology and Horoscope – a 5 minute look at the week ahead.

This is for the week starting Sunday January 11th through to midnight Saturday January 17th 2009. All times given are Sydney Daylight Savings times. Which means at this time of year, if it’s 11pm in Sydney it’s noon GMT at 4am in California


See above for houses

MAJOR Aspects
The major events occur early in the week. There is a full moon on Sunday at 1:27pm. This means the sun is in Capricorn at 21 degrees, and the moon is in Cancer at 21 degrees. Full moons on this axis will bring about tension between work and play. In fact, the Full moon is also in an exact trine with Saturn which is retrograde at 21 degrees Virgo. This trine happens on Sunday night, actually early hours of Monday morning at 4am. Is it possible that you will wake up, recognize that you have a whole year ahead of you and are now ready, nay eager to move ahead with your life’s work, your place in the world (Capricorn) and take your leave of the events and gatherings of family and friends over the Christmas and New Years break? If so, Saturn is ready to support you in catching up and re-looking at career events that happened at the end of last year. So that’s two big events over the Sunday/Monday of this week – A full moon in Capricorn/Cancer and the trine with Saturn inVirgo. If you have any planets at 21 degrees Capricorn or Cancer, I’d love to hear how the full moon trine Saturn is working out for you Please email me at or come to the website . Especially if it Is your birthday Sunday or Monday this week.

The third major event on those days is Mercury retrograde at 7 degrees Aquarius. This occurs at about ¼ to 3 early on Sunday morning, so right in between the full moon and the trine with Saturn. Rolling backwards through the heavens, this planet won’t go direct again until February 1st at 5:10pm. Intriguingly, the degree that Mercury goes direct is at 21 degrees Capricorn. The same degree as the full moon trine Saturn this weekend. I’d say whatever comes out at the full moon will be in full force until at least February 1st. Mercury retrograde has a habit of slowing us down, taking away our cars, and technology and travel to ensure we spend some time inwards, going over things in our minds instead of rushing around, always communicating, always connected. Nothing like sitting at the airport for a few hours, or a traffic jam, or stuck at a bus stop to allow our minds to wander. If something does happen to slow you up over the next three weeks.

# Mercury Retrograde 7 AQ 45 Jan 12 2009 2:42 AM
# Mercury Direct 21 CAP 44 Feb 1 2009 5:10 PM (Mercury retrograde dates for 2009)

For the rest of the week, we are looking at quick moon aspects. The moon is in Cancer until it finishes with the full moon and Saturn trine early on Monday morning. At around 3:30am the moon will enter Leo forming over the next two and ½ days oppositions with Jupiter, Mercury, Chiron, and Neptune. By Tuesday night those oppositions will have you ready for an early night. Because the moon in Leo wants to shine as a star, and the planets in Aquarius are requiring you to work in groups, being back at work, back in the social swim could be tiring. Why not have a quiet night on Tuesday?
Wednesday the moon pops into Virgo, so no more drama queens, it’s back to duty and civility that a Virgo moon needs to feel secure. The moon will trine Pluto in early Capricorn on Wednesday, oppose Venus at 11 degrees Pisces and trine Mars 13 degrees Capricorn early hours of Thursday morning. If you are sleeping, well and good. If you are not, well, lets just say that energy could be … interesting.

Later on Thursday the moon, still in Virgo, opposes Uranus, and conjuncts Saturn so you are going to be wishing that Thursday was actually Friday. By the time Friday does roll around the moon will trine the Sun at 25 Capricorn and then go into Libra. Make sure your chores are done during the Virgo moon period that I mentioned between Wednesday morning and Thursday night. Because a Friday Libran moon is perfect for shopping, dating, dinner, romance, and friendly drinks. Once we get past the Libran moon squaring Pluto at 1 degree Capricorn, which may cause you to try and back away from a confrontation that was building early in the week, you can concentrate on the moon trining Jupiter at 2 degrees Aquarius and trining Mercury (retrograde) at 5 degrees Aquarius. There’s no point asking you to take it easy with a Libra moon making you compliant to others wishes, Jupiter egging you on drink and party more and MORE and Aquarius bringing the strong attraction to large groups but for goodness sake, with Mercury retrograde leave the car at home. Drinking and driving, losing keys, ending up as chaffeur to a bunch of partyiers will be part of the package. You’ll have a good time though.

Until Saturday lunch time that is. For those of you who weren’t out on a bender on Friday night – and that moon Jupiter Aquarius makes it likely you were, in one way or another – Saturday lunchtime will be a time of great energy that needs to used constructively, as the moon forms a square to Mars. Saturday night has the moon trining Chiron and Neptune – great for the healing through theater and cinema and creativity. If Friday night was about romance and parties, Saturday is awesome for imagination and connecting with deeper relationships that move you spiritually.

And that is it for the week ahead of January 11th to January 17th 2009. Come back later in the week for next weeks astroweather overview.

I hope you enjoyed the podcast and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

April 14th – This Week’s Sparkles

April 14th – This Week’s Sparkles

tarotthefoolWow Mercury is working overtime this week.

First thing in the week, Mercury sextiles Neptune. What a relief it is to tell someone our dreams. Or to plunge into astrology or tarot, with lots of verbal healing. The Mercury conjuncts the Sun – Superior conjunction unlike the one in February. Blab blab blab? Or over thinking with the world revolving around you and inside your head instead of outside your peaceful home, where it belongs?

Then later in the week, Mercury enters Taurus. Whew, slow down already – Taurus likes to take his time. Mercury freshens up, acts cute and words become a sensual feast. As always with Mercury, a change is as good as a holiday. Especially as the very end of the week moves Mercury into alignment with Pluto (trine) and Saturn (also trine). Get it off your chest before the Sun enters Taurus and then Full Moons in Scorpio early next week. Seriously, do/say it now.

March 30th – This Week’s Sparkles

March 30th – This Week’s Sparkles

cosmosIt’s a little odd this week. Not in a Uranian fun and exciting odd way but a little more dreary.

Monday is April Fool’s Day – we might see the tail end of Uranus activity fall flat as people do inappropriate things.

Tuesday Pluto, newly in Capricorn, moves retrograde. The changes you have experienced since January, so deep that you barely noticed them, are going to be shored up. How will this play out? Well, if you made a new friend or relationship in January, but you’ve been too busy to understand their importance, they may leave for six months or more. At sometime in the near future, you will wake up and realise, hey! they were important (Pluto in 11th or 7th or even 5th).

Oh and whatever end-of-Sagittarius thing you had going on since 2005 is moving back in for a final showdown. Be prepared.  You may get a hint of it this week.  But only a hint. Like I said, dreary.

Midweek sees the movement of Mercury into Aries and an immediate square with Pluto. This will only reinforce the *hints* – brief notes, emails, communications or even thoughts that are hard to place in context. All will be revealed but not until later in the year. Tuesday and Wednesday are definitely preparing  you to go back over deep buried old ground.

Next weekend – New Moon on Sunday at around 17 degrees Aries, just as Venus joins Mercury in Aries.  Changes abound. Unthought of consequences for jumping in, what will you do on Saturday night and gain an awareness of on Sunday?

March 24th – This Week’s Sparkles

March 24th – This Week’s Sparkles

solar-systemThe main aspects for this week pretty well all involve Uranus. The Mercury/Venus travelling combo (they are inseparable at the moment, in a conjunction) both conjunct with Uranus on Friday, followed by the big one, Jupiter conjunct Uranus.

The Mercury/Venus and Uranus conjunction (Mercury Venus on Monday 24th at 14 degrees Pisces) and Uranus on March 28th/29th at 19 degrees Pisces will bring sudden communications and contacts (relationships/meetings) that change your life. This will be followed by some deep thinking over the weekend (Jupiter loves deep thinking) that somehow re-energises and grows you. An example: you go to a coffee meeting (Venus) on Thursday where it’s suddenly communicated (Mercury) that you should hop on a plane to somewhere exotic (Jupiter rules travel) or take a course (Jupiter rules higher education and mind expansion). That sort of thing.

Uranus in Pisces is in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius – this means they are in each other’s sign of rulership, so they can swap if they want. Oh, and they sextile each other. Whatever Mercury/Venus and Jupiter reveal through Uranus at the end of this week, will be rich in spiritual and social value. This resounds of “life mission” stuff. Not too heavy though – you’ll enjoy it! I promise!

Saturday morning is the peak – mid morning – but it should last all weekend.

March 10th – This Week’s Sparkles

March 10th – This Week’s Sparkles

Apologies for non-arrival of last week’s post. I wrote it but somehow it didn’t end up on here.mystic-rectangle

This week – everything is happening at the end of the week. From the minute Venus enters Pisces (and then a day later) Mercury, we have a Mystic Rectangle. First Mars and Pluto are still opposite in Cancer and Capricorn. Then Venus/Mercury are opposite Saturn in Pisces and Virgo. Because they are all between 1 degree and 4 degrees, we have quite a tight orb. The Cancer/Virgo (Mars/Saturn) and the Pisces/Capricorn sextile VenusMercury/ Pluto are the four points.

What does this mean? Well for one, there’s a lot of long planned work there. Be a stickler for detail but keep working on those long held dreams. No Uranus/Aquarius in sight so you should be able to stick with it, working steadily. Even on a relationship or hobby, it’s steady steady steady.  Something you’e been planning for a while (September last year?) is coming to fruition. It will take you further and faster than you could’ve imagined. This is a great week, you won’t see another one exactly like it for some time to come.

Enjoy it!

February 25th – This Week’s Sparkles

February 25th – This Week’s Sparkles

End of Pluto in SagMercury conjunct Venus
The major aspect early this week, is Mercury conjunct Venus at 11 degrees Aquarius.

If you have planets at 9-13 degrees Gemini or Sag, Aries or Libra, or Aquarius you’ll have the kind of day you enjoy. Freewheeling, lovely discussions about politics, climate control or society. Nothing to heavy and nasty. The rest of you will just have to cope with the flighty Air and volatile Fire signs diving from one subject to another. If you do have to have heavy emotional one-on-one’s today try and stay cool. This is the day for saying how you feel in an unemotional way. That Scorpio moon won’t win on this one, I promise!

Spend the rest of this week preparing for the New Moon coming up (late next week) and – also next week – Mars opposite Pluto. That one is going to wrap up the whole “Pluto finishing in Sag, passing into Capricorn” issues you have been dealing with. At least until late in the year (December ’08). The final volcanic eruption won’t be a surprise. It’s a blessed relief. Enjoy it!

February 18th – This Week’s Sparkles

February 18th – This Week’s Sparkles

Eclipse in Feb 2008
Eclipse in Feb 2008

Thursday 21st, 1:31pm: Eclipse in early degrees of Pisces, conjunct Saturn. A wake up call to make dreams real.

With the move of Venus into Aquarius early on Monday morning, we coolly disengage our emotions and take more interest in offbeat art, and intellectual debates with loved ones. This cerebral approach will continue to build until well into next week when  Mercury and Venus meet at 11 degrees Aquarius.

Talking of Mercury:  finally goes direct at 8 degrees Aquarius on February 19th at 12:56pm.  Spend the day before and the day after getting papers in order, looking for lost keys and generally reclaiming your local environment (Mercury rules Gemini/3rd house) and re-establishing your routines (Mercury rules Virgo/6th house).

From late afternoon on Tuesday until the eclipse, there is a crucial buildup of planetary energy. Although there are no major planetary aspects this week between the outer planets, the Sun’s move into Pisces (0 degrees Pisces) is followed quickly by a sextile to Pluto at 0 degrees Capricorn and then Full Moon eclipse with the moon at 1 degrees Pisces. That makes for a lot of energy for those who have planets at the beginning or the very end of signs. Add into the mix the Full Moon is conjunct Saturn (5 degrees Virgo), the emphasis this week is on Pisces and Capricorn/Virgo. if you have those signs prominent in your chart, you’ll sense (not see clearly, but feel it) what the next decade or two will bring.

Why do I say that? Pluto moved into Capricorn a few weeks ago. The planet is about to make, and then act (cardinal sign) on some long term goals. Its hard to tell what long term goals a planet of people have – but if anyone can make sense of it all, Pisces can. So the sun visits visionary Pisces, taps long-transformative Pluto on the shoulder in a friendly way and then takes the discussion into the courtroom that is the confrontation (full moon – opposition) of a plan-it-all-out Virgo moon. You may not have to do anything just yet, but the dominoes will be lined up and like it or see the beginning as the first one falls… And fall they will, with the Sun opposing restrictive Saturn on Sunday 24th at 7:47pm AEST.

That eclipse is around Australian lunchtime on Thursday 21st (1:30pm for Sydney people) – 1:31pm. NASA Total Eclipse Feb 2008

You might like to read more at the NASA website their times are American EST.

All other times on this site are Australian AEST.

February 11th – This Week’s Sparkles

February 11th – This Week’s Sparkles


This week is all about the Sun and the aspects he makes to the planets. The big aspect happens on Monday – Sun conjunct Neptune at 21 degrees Aquarius. Expect a powerful and dramatic individual (Sun/Leo) to call on our hopes and dreams and music (Pisces/Neptune) tapping into our collective and group goals and will to work as one. You may be caught up in some new music or a film by an artist that calls on your soul to make a change that benefits not only you but the world. Or you may see or hear a speaker that asks for collective change to help and serve humanity. Hear it. Spread the word. When our soul is inspired, we relax, breathe easily and are less angry, depressed and stressed.

In the middle of the week, Venus and Mars inconjunct at 24/25 degrees. Venus in responsible Capricorn may try to pull you into pastimes that are highbrow: perhaps erudite discussions on the merits of Australian painters at the Art Gallery and then gourmet meals with an excellent bottle of wine. Mars in inquisitive Gemini can’t be bothered and wants to be off to watch the latest popular movie, mixing with the masses and counting how many ugg boots and trackydacks they can see in the cinema. An inconjunct is uncomfortable so don’t be surprised if you get caught between the two, perhaps two friends fighting over what to do on Wednesday night. Advice? Don’t stress it. Those with Gemini inclinations can fit in anywhere and will end up having just as much fun counting Louis Vuitton handbags as ugg boots and the Venus in Capricorn will probably bump into an important contact outside the cinema and be chuffed.

Valentines day will be influenced by a beneficial Mars trine Sun. Both are in Airy signs: Mars in Gemini and the Sun at 25 Aquarius, so we won’t be wallowing in dark candlelight dungeons for some one-on-one romantic (or otherwise) action! Expect honest declarations and clarity in communication than silent and passionate seductions.  What is discussed this day will be what you remember later – more than the sensuous activities that the Taurus moon may bring.  One line will warm your heart for a long time to come.

We finish the week with the Sun sitting on top of the North Node at 27 degrees Aquarius (and opposing the South Node) . As this year’s Aquarian chapter comes to an close (and a day later, Mercury is turning Direct) consider what has inspired you, affected you deeply and called you to action in the area of group activity. Americans have been through a challenging month of election issues (very Aquarian), sports teams are finding their best ways of working and we all are considering our mission within the greater good. Have you been thinking about the role your friends play in your life? Has a friend (close or otherwise) introduced you to someone or something that brings you closer to whatever you feel is your mission in this life? Look for offers and challenges at the end of this week, from friends, that make – for a moment – everything very clear indeed.