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Karen Carpenter Astrology Chart

Karen Carpenter Astrology Chart

Karen Carpenter – drummer, angelic singer, tiny, anorexic, with a longevity that many celebrities long for.

She was born in New Haven Connecticut at 11:45am  on Thursday March 2 1950.


Uranus on the Ascendent? I think she really wanted to be a girl drummer doing the “exotic beats” that she was known for playing when a very young girl. Mars conjunct South Node in the 5th house brings neediness to romance, falling on partners (Libra) to fulfill oneself. The North Node in Aries insists on standing alone, leading and innovating in a solo way. If she hadn’t passed on at the age of 32,  I think she would’ve continued to move away from “partnerships” to solo performances. But the need to have a brother, a lover, a partner would always be there – Men are Mars and it’s tough to move away from a Mars/South Node conjunction. Her solo album which her brother and producer didn’t like that much and the recording studio wasn’t happy with was canned and she went back into a partnership with Richard Carpenter. Tough for an Aries North Node that must keep competing to stand alone.

The Sun on the Midheaven cannot hide their light under a bushell. Ever. Venus in the 8th house has to express love and emotion at a real level, to crowds (Aquarius). This is not ‘pop’ music but ‘real’ emotion being produced.

What interests you in this chart? what aspects have you noticed?


Natal Chart: Susan Boyle Birth Chart

Natal Chart: Susan Boyle Birth Chart

Susan Boyle Birth chart natal chart
click for full size

Susan Boyle’s birthdate (latest data) is 1 April 1961 at 9:50am in Scotland. 

What is immediately apparent is that Susan Boyle has a full moon chart. Her sun is in Aries, demanding she lead groups (11th house) opposing her Libran moon, in harmonious, creative 5th house. The demands of her creativity versus the demands of the group. Both are squared by Mars (ruler of the Aries sun). That’s a lot of power. 

Gemini ascendants tend to show two sides of their personality within quick succession. The chart is splitting between personal creativity and public leadership: reconciling both is challenging for anyone, let alone an artist that has been downloaded 200 million times in 6 weeks! 

The pairing continues with Pluto conjunct North Node at 6 degrees Virgo. Uranus would’ve opposed this pair (and conjunct south node) a few years ago, freeing her from past traits and negativity particularly associated with Neptunian Pisces traits. Incidentally, Pluto is moving into a square to the nodes/natal Pluto, so the massive changes are only just starting for Susan Boyle.  

A nice indepth piece by Lynn Hayes at Beliefnet here.

Celebrity: Natasha Richardson

Celebrity: Natasha Richardson

Stuyvesant High School

I am so sad to hear of the death of Liam Neeson’s wife and mother of two children, actress Natasha Richardson. She comes from a “royal” family of wonderful actors. I thought she might be an Sag with Aries moon, but no. Mars in Leo is very involved in dramatic exhibitions, and Sun/Mercury in Taurus is lovely for voice and movement. Venus in Aries – this lady did not hold back on her favor or irritation. Saturn in Aquarius meant a considerable struggle to remain aloof and focussed on the group benefit rather than personal creativity. But I feel that her North Node in Cancer meant she always focussed on home not career.

Click for Natasha Richardson's natal chart
Click for Natasha Richardson's natal chart

Aries rule the head. Taurus cooking (Top Chef host) and Sag is royalty – Hollywood royalty perhaps.

Click for Liam Neeson's natal chart

Her birth time is 5pm – if it was just a few minutes before, a descendent of early degrees Aries would place Pluto in a precarious position. Pluto ruling death and Aries the head. With both Liam and Natasha having Sag moons, I think they met and married during some intense times. Poor Liam – he has south node conjunct Pluto. That’s past ways of working that no longer work and obsession. North node in Aquarius says that no matter how much Plutonic death and destruction is around, keeping calm, and above the situation like an Aquarian is the path to higher knowing.

Easier when it’s an argument with the boss or at the traffic light than when it’s the loss of your spouse. My prayers go out to Liam and the boys.

Artist: David Hockney

Artist: David Hockney

A fascinating insight into the artist David Hockney’s chart over at Learning Curve on the Ecliptic:

I’m not sure how I’ve managed to avoid David Hockney in the Arty-Farty series ’til now – a “Yorkie”, like DavidHockneyme. He was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK on 9 July 1937. Cancerian influence is prominent in his chart, Sun and Mercury conjoined are in Cancer along with Pluto. If he was born before 6am then Moon also would have been in Cancer.

It’s interesting that so many of his paintings feature water – Cancer being the Cardinal Water sign of the zodiac.

Without a time of birth for Hockney we can’t know his ascendant. He’s described as “gregarious” and an “ebullient” personality, which brings to mind Sagittarius or Leo rising – but that’s a wild guess.

I didn’t know much about David Hockney, but I am now interested in him. Like I said, great article, you should definitely read it!

David’s chart.

Famous Horoscope: Sarah Brightman Chart

Famous Horoscope: Sarah Brightman Chart

Sarah Brightman Birth Chart
Sarah Brightman Birth Chart

Sorry for the delay in posting, the eclipse and mercury retrograde hit hard but all is well now on Planet StarSparkles. 😛
I was watching a DVD of Sarah Brightman performing in Las Vegas – Harem. Convinced by her hair , cat like walk, dramatic movements and lots of Sun imagery that she was a Leo, I made a bet with the others sitting on the sofa watching. I won! Not only that but I picked Taurus as a secondary influence. She has a Taurus moon – Venus/Taurus rules the throat and voice.

A life lived large and in full view of the public. Something that Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo would hate. My guess is that every time her personal life is dragged out into the tabloids, she works with Virgoan precision and a bit of nagging to get everything perfect for the next show.

The north node – life’s path – affirms this. Her south node of Pisces drugs and nebulous fame she worked on in a past life. Sorted in this one. Saturn is doubly powerful in it’s own sign, Capricorn which gives her great business sense and an ability to hookup with other great business managers.


Jupiter in it’s own sign, Sagittarius gives her an abiding interest in other cultures – German, Arabic, whatever. Is there anything more Jupiter in Sag than this statement that she made?

I am not quite sure where home is right now. I do have places in London and Milan, and a house in Spain. I guess I would say home is where my mother is, and she lives in Spain. (brainyquote)

Some other interesting quotes from Sarah Brightman that I think amply demonstrate that gorgeous showman Leo Sun conjunct erratic and out there Uranus:

Anything can happen to anyone at any time and you shouldn’t just live through the days, or you lose them. You should do what you can to enjoy every moment. (from BrainyQuote)


Being varied is something I do instinctively and naturally. I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Sun conjunct erratic Uranus has to be tough for an entertainer with a Virgo-everything-is-organised North Node.

Madonna’s marriage and Saturn

Madonna’s marriage and Saturn

A great article here at Astrology of a Train Wreck about Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s marriage and possible break up.

madonnaguyReports are out that Madonna and Guy Ritchie are headed to the divorce court just a week after her adoption of African baby David Banda was approved.

Madonna married Guy about 7 years ago, when Saturn was transitting her 10th house of public fame and recognition and highest point of her chart. This transit was also about the time Saturn opposed her natal Saturn, a highly significant event, in the sector of home and family. Saturn, moreover, formed a number of favorable aspects during that period to her Sun, Pluto and Uranus indicating she was at the age and maturity to give up some personal control in order create a family. She may have married more for the sake of being married, as a lot of women do, as her Saturn opposition on her fame and family axis probably strengthened feelings that it was lonely at the top. She even admitted in an MTV interview, she “got married for all the wrong reasons”.

I particularly responded to “got married for all the wrong reasons”. Saturn will have something to say about that!

Princess Diana, King James Bible and astrology

Princess Diana, King James Bible and astrology

Princess Diana, Prince Charles, and Astrology and the King James version English Bible Code from revelation13 on Vimeo.
Princess Diana and Prince Charles astrology combined with the Bible …. interesting view.

Amy Winehouse Astrology

Amy Winehouse Astrology

amywinehouse (from astrotheme)

Tough chart and one that is just about played out because we have Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter and Pluto moving on from Sagittarius. Sag wants to be free, experiment, all-knowing, sit-around-toking-and-discussing-the-universe. Virgo is quiet and industrious, clean and tidy, service to mankind etc.

Wow, Jupiter, Uranus, Moon, SOUTH node and Neptune in Sagittarius. When there are that many planets around a south node and none around the north node, the person has decided to go back and face demons. Over and over again. Every time she pulls herself out of old bad behaviour, she gets sucked back in. Boundless enthusiasm and energy to keep trying though.

Amy has a Virgo Sun/Mercury (retrograde) square Moon/South Node in Sagittarius. Also in Sag, is Neptune. How she balances both Virgo and Sag I don’t know – Virgo’s need to focus, think clearly, and take pleasure in fixing little things with Sag’s always bored, always seeking more, need for spiritual experiences (probably through sex/love – Mars conjunct Venus (Leo) is trine the other planets in Sag) and through drugs (Neptune). Very tricky. That battle is then articulated through a Gemini North Node – the need to express not the answer, but the journey.

Jupiter and Pluto have both recently passed over these Sag/Virgo hotspots. It would appear to the world as though she was spinning out of control, more drugs, more men, greedy for emotional and spiritual adventures. As Saturn comes into sight, and moves further into Virgo, in the next year or so, she will move into a much more structured environment.

This post is for a friend who like Amy Winehouse.

Billy Graham and the Sag North Node

Billy Graham and the Sag North Node

Billy Graham Chart

(from astrotheme)
I just watched a program on TV – Pastor to Presidents – about Billy Graham’s life and his influence on American Presidents.

It made me wonder if he had a Sagittarius north node. And sure enough, he does! I believe a sag north node can be the defining influence on the person’s life. In Billy Graham’s case, he had to focus on providing spiritual advice. He provided the “broad perspective” is how George Bush (snr) put it.

I am not one of those astrologers who sees the south node as “negative” and the north node as “positive”. Instead, the south node is what we do well, and can rely on but stops nourishing us if that is all we rely on. The north node is where we are going, but we can’t deny our past south node completely.

So when Billy Graham says he takes the big picture and makes it easily understood by the common denominator, that is north and south node working perfectly in tandem. However when he tried to intervene in politics early on – his comments on Jews (caught on tape), his friendship with Nixon (who made the tape) – he was profoundly affected. Gemini south node will get caught everytime when vacillating to respond to the audience. North node in sag has to believe in a higher power and rely on that intuition. Not the beliefs of anyone who happens to be in the room. Sag needs to stay strong and focussed on a higher form of knowledge. Not blow with the wind.

Of course if you have a Gemini north node you have the opposite challenge. A strong sense of intuition, religious knowledge and higher politics but now the need to manipulate and re-posit depending on the audience. Making sure the message is heard according to the listeners internal language, not as a “truth from on high”. Both – Sag/Gemini north/south – challenge knowledge, communication and understanding and how we evolve to make sense of the world. Gemini north node will be political journalists interpretating the big picture into real world events.

I wonder what Pluto conjunct his natal Mars (27) and Moon (28) in Sagittarius will bring between now and the end of November? More than just biography shows on foreign TV, I think. A new adventure which he is eager for, I think – particularly when Jupiter hits that spot between now and Christmas – and it will have a massive impact on the spiritual consciousness of his congregation.

Hellen Buttigieg show – Neat TV

Hellen Buttigieg show – Neat TV

abouthellenWe’ve been watching Hellen Buttigieg’s show “Neat TV” in our house. Resulting in a guilty flurry of cupboard-baring and wardrobe-sifting. Very cathartic. If you haven’t seen the show – it’s on Foxtel – Hellen invades your home, and tidies it up. Everything has a place and is in it’s place. Defining areas. Tables and drawers neat and tidy. I can’t find Hellen’s birthdate – it’s in 1962 so she definitely has Uranus and Pluto in Virgo – but I’m guessing she also has other planets in Virgo plus some in Cancer. I’m addicted to before and after shots on shows like these.

Moon in Virgo today and Venus enters Virgo tomorrow. Isn’t there a corner of your castle that needs a spring clean? Both planets are stalking Saturn in Virgo which in turn is marching up to an opposition with Uranus in giving-Pisces. Any clutter should make it’s way to needy hands or recycle – don’t just trash it. You’ll feel better for it.

EDIT: I had a very nice email from Hellen clarifying – she is actually born May 11, 1963 (not 1962!). No time or place. But if I create a chart for May 11th 1963, 12pm in Toronto Ontario, she has Sun (Taurus) conjunct Mercury (last degrees of Taurus) in an out of sign square to Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo (clean and tidy). Taurus is comfort and luxury and extravagance. A grand trine between Venus in Aries, Mars in Leo and Moon in Sagittarius is a bit confusing… quite militaristic. There is some international flavour to her work. Pluto crunched through the home/Moon in 2005-2006, that would have been quite overwhelming, yet empowering. The North Node in Cancer is clear – the past life values (south node in Capricorn) of building career/business is now channeled into the current life of home and hearth. It’s lovely to get emails from people I blog about. 🙂