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Is there anything more New Moon on Neptune with Mars and Uranus Dancing than the Oscars ClusterFuck?

Is there anything more New Moon on Neptune with Mars and Uranus Dancing than the Oscars ClusterFuck?

So today the moon met the Sun on top of Neptune. They danced. They drank. Oh how they laughed. Oh how they cried. Neptune weaved her spells of mist and magic, of confusion and deceit and hurt and lo! The Oscars. First the Memorial wall showed a woman who is very much alive. Pluto what were you doing? I just know you were involved. And then the wrong Best Picture award was handed out. For a moment the shiny star, the golden statue that is Hollywood faltered, we saw behind the veil that is behind the veil. 

The singing, the dancing, the laughing, the crying stopped. For one dizzy moment all was still. Mars, Uranus and Jupiter faced off…

And then it was back to fairy dust and make believe.

Fuck I love Hollywood. Those crazy crazy kids.

[The craycrays aren’t finished yet, oh no siree they are just getting started]

Mars exact with Uranus in Aries, opp exact Jupiter in Libra with Moon conj Sun conj Neptune in Pisces.  That’ll do it.

January 1st 2017: Mars conjunct Neptune Astrology

January 1st 2017: Mars conjunct Neptune Astrology

Mars is currently dancing with Neptune in Pisces. Mars doesn’t really like to get up on the dancefloor but Neptune in her own sign is insistent. YOU WILL dance, step forward, back and sideways to a half hidden melody, to truths that are no longer true and face deception uncertain and semi wary.

Dancing is good. Until you are exhausted and it’s time to go home.

Neptune in turn is confronted by this vast energy of Mars. Make your dreams real Mars yells as Neptune dances away.

2017 will be full of dancing, dreams being made real, and certainties being undone.

Mercury Retrograde 2010 dates

Mercury Retrograde 2010 dates

Australian times as usual

mercury retrograde 2010

Don’t let mercury going backwards worry you too much. Think of it as a time to tell people “no” and sit back and think. If you are asked to change course urgently, this is the time to practice your “I don’t think so” statements. It IS a great time to do research instead. Think of it as a holiday – don’t lurch into new ventures but grab a book or Google and start figuring out if it is actually the best thing for you to be doing with your time.

April May 2010 Mercury retrograde dates

  • Mercury Retrograde at 12 degrees 37 TAURUS April 18 2010 2:06 PM
    Mercury Direct 2 degrees 40 TAURUS Wednesday, 12 May 2010 at 8:37:00 AM

September 2010 Mercury retrograde dates

  • Mercury Retrograde 19 degrees 03 VIRGO Saturday, 21 August 2010 at 5:59:00 AM
    Mercury Direct 5 degrees 23 VIRGO Monday, 13 September 2010 at 9:09:00 AM

December 2010 Mercury retrograde dates

  • Mercury Retrograde 5 degrees 56 CAPRICORN Friday, 10 December 2010 at 11:04:00 PM
    Mercury Direct 9 degrees 37 CAPRICORN Thursday, 30 December 2010 at 6:21:00 PM

For international/USA times try this link on FindYourFate.

Full Moon February March 2010

Full Moon February March 2010

In Australia, the full moon is in the early hours (3:39am) of Monday 1st March. In the rest of the world, it’s Sunday afternoon.

i’m not 100% sure what to think about it. Hardly surprising with Neptune/Mercury conjunct just around the corner in Aquarius.

But Jupiter conjunct Sun (and of course opposing the Moon in Virgo) should bring good luck to some. Particularly those who have been trying to see something clearly in spite of the smoke being blown their way.

Venus will make herself comfortable with Uranus soon. But it won’t last long. Tears before bedtime – Venus likes cuddles and warmth and sensuality. Uranus is like a lightning strike – nothing huggable about that!

Keep an eye on Mars – if there is a volatile someone in your life, they might go off like a firecracker soon!

I wonder what this all means for the Olympics?

Astro Planets for February 2010

Astro Planets for February 2010

There are three major planetary configurations this month and the two major ones hit Pluto at 4 degrees Capricorn. Saturn the planet of limitations is in a square at 4 degrees Libra – the peacemaker will have to contend with the capitalist. In other words, there’s a fight brewing at work, in your industry or around the globe that cannot be avoided. Jupiter at 4 degrees Pisces says “take a chill pill” while sextiling (positive) Pluto. Pisces has a habit of doing the washing up everytime a fight come a’knocking on the door, so make sure you stand your ground, lay out your concerns or boundaries and then gracefully step back. No point flogging it to push a point – and Pluto loves to break things down irrevocably, burning bridges and leaving no stone unturned. You don’t need to give into that:

  • February 1 Saturn Square Pluto 4 Libra/Capricorn 21 at 7:26 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • February 7 Jupiter Sextile Pluto 4 Pisces/Capricorn 21 at 3:50 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • February 17  Neptune Conjunct Chiron 26 Aquarius 14 at 3:00 PM Sydney, Australia time

Neptune conjunct Chiron will see the release of a new drug, an operation or “cure” that heals. In your life, it could be a time when you add a group or find friends that support you in a new way. If you know someone young and impressionable they may be attracted to a group that is damaged or involved in drugs (Neptune rules drugs). We choose how we want to use the energies depending on our experience.

Mercury Retrograde 2010

Mercury Retrograde 2010

When Mercury goes retrograde (backwards) through the sky 3x a year, it’s a beautiful time to down tools, stop striving, stop, refresh.  Things only go backward if you are still pushing – anything that breaks or fails over, particularly travel, could very well be telling you something. We are  meaning making machines….

The Dates (GMT) for Mercury Retrograde in 2010

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15 Jan Mercury turns direct 6 Capricorn
19 Apr Mercury turns retrograde 13 Taurus
11 May Mercury turns direct 3 Taurus
21 Aug Mercury turns retrograde 19 Virgo
12 Sep Mercury turns direct 5 Virgo
11 Dec Mercury turns retrograde 6 Capricorn
30 Dec Mercury turns direct 20 Sagittarius (from Skyscript)

Mercury retrograde is a good thing.

This is a follow on from Mercury retrograde 2009.

Astro Planets for January 2010

Astro Planets for January 2010

The Jan 15th eclipse is the real start of the New Year, especially as Capricorn means corporate and business.   Be aware that Saturn squares Pluto on the first of Feb but impacts most of January. Lots of power struggles limiting activity especially in business there. Try and get to the water/beach if  in the Australian Summer – Jupiter in Pisces can soothe but only around water.

  • January 1 Full Moon Eclipse 10 Cancer 21 at 5:23 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • January 4 Saturn is retrograde 4 Libra 39 1:56 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • January 15 New Moon Eclipse 25 Capricorn 01 5:07 PM Sydney, Australia time
  • January 18 Jupiter enters Pisces 00 Pisces 00 12:10 PM Sydney, Australia time

Those were the major aspects for January 2010 – do any of them aspect YOUR chart?

June: Full Moon in Cancer

June: Full Moon in Cancer

Sydney at 5:35am on Tuesday June 23rd 2009, the Moon in her own sign, Cancer, meets fiery Sun at 1 deg 30. Exactly 1/2 degree away, in opposition, Pluto lumbers into position in Capricorn to do some real usurping of power.  Somewhere in the Universe, parents are uniting with teachers to oppose bureacrats, staff are staging quiet rebellions against toxic bosses, and you… yes, what will you do? It’s a new start but not a new idea. Something that’s been brewing in your noggin for ages. Time to own it, start it, finish it. And pay the piper. Pluto in Capricorn always pays the Piper, on time, and with a tip.

Full Moon in Cancer opp Pluto in Capricorn
CLICK FULL SIZE Full Moon in Cancer opp Pluto in Capricorn
  • Aries – if you’ve been working hard and ignoring brewing issues at home, just try staying on that path!
  • Taurus – Mars and Venus conjunct in your sign, a new moon in your 3rd house and Pluto in your 9th? Talk it over. And be prepared to dig and dig.
  • Gemini – Balance your needs with those of a loved one please! Pleasure and pain too. What’s that you say? Yes you CAN listen as well as talk!
  • Cancer – it’s all about you, love. And your love. What will you choose? A new comfortable start on your own, or a tall dark stranger who can show you the good life, outside of the kitchen/sofa?
  • Leo – The south node is in direct aspect with the New Moon. Don’t let old habits pull you apart. Particularly dietary ones – you know that when the moon is in Cancer you eat comfort food. (12th house).
  • Virgo – sorry about Saturn upsetting you, particularly as you of all signs like routine and fairness. But the old teacher is trining Mars/Venus conjunct in Taurus, so nice earthy activities will help throw off the recent gloom and depressions.
  • Libra- new start in career will be faced down by skullduggery in or near the home. Now it’s time to shine, you wonder if you should. But if someone is holding you back, look to the children. What sort of role model do you really want to be, for them?
  • Scorpio as you make your mark on the world, relationships are also heating up. Those Scorpios that like to be intense and focussed have a lot to choose from this month!
  • Sag – lookin’ good! Geminis are interested, even the married ones, but try to live up to your own high ideals. Philosophy and morals are no good, if you don’t put them into practice.
  • Capricorn – what happened? Pluto is gradually destroying your old life, that’s what happened. And the new moon with it’s conniptions with the nodes, and then Venus/Mars/Saturn playing on the same day will bring the finality of the changes. Try to view them with relief ok?
  • Aquarius – Jupiter and Neptune are still conjunct at 26 degrees, in your sign. You too face changes, but in spite of being a fixed sign, you are enjoying this growth and new challenges. Wacky meets wackier. Thank you, you make the world an interesting place!
  • Pisces – Uranus is also at 26 degrees, aspecting Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. You too are exploring the stranger side of life. But it’s harder to flow right now, as you move from one reality to another.

As always, my readings are for Sydney times. If you are in London, that’s about 8:30pm the night before (Monday 22nd).  Please let me know how the weekend, and Mon/Tuesday works out for you – on Twitter or here!

AstroNotes: Saturn Direct & Full Moon

AstroNotes: Saturn Direct & Full Moon

Thank the stars this full moon (see June 2009 Stars)  at 17 degrees Gemini/Sag

Saturn is currently in Virgo
Saturn is currently in Virgo

 squares off Saturn at 17 Virgo. For the first time since Saturn went back direct in mid-May (it had been retrograde since late December) I have felt Saturn’s discipline, structure and (in Virgo) need for routine kicking in. 


This week has been more focussed on health (Virgo rules 6th house of health and routine), going to the gym, eating my veggies and generally paying the piper for 5-6 months of general sloth. And it feels good. There is something about Saturn that makes feel happy that we have boundaries. 

I just hope it lasts. Luckily the 17th degree triggers off some gem/sag points for me, so I think it will. 

How about you? Has Saturn kicked in, started you lusting for broccoli, and gym classes? Have stalled activities, meant to bring some structure and routine to your life, started up again?

Stars for June 2009

Stars for June 2009

All times are given in Sydney Australia times – GMT +10 hours.


Mars leaves Aries and enters Taurus on June 1st at 7:18am

Immediately the heated frustration from Mercury retrograde communication muckups cools, and an earthy grounded energy focusses on achieving practical comfort ensues. On June 4th at 2:36pm, Mars 2 degrees Taurus trines Pluto at 2 degrees Capricorn – great for solid comfortable progress, just make sure you reward yourself with home cooking and quality wines. Taurus and Capricorn both know how to wine and dine themselves and others! 

The Full Moon on June 8th at 4:12am at 17 degrees Sag brings into focus our need for answers vs the need to explore. If you find yourself handing out philosophy when someone really wants practical examples and questions or you find yourself offering questions instead of answers to some one who is struggling, stop, and read the situation. The challenge that full moons bring is the right response across the axis. In the case of Gemini vs Sagittarius its questions/exploration of a simple situation vs answers/deep exploration of Sag. 

On June 23rd, Mars 16 Taurus trines Saturn 16 Virgo at 12:43AM, A new moon at 1 degree Cancer at 5:35AM immediately moves into an opposition with Destroyer Pluto 1 degree Capricorn at 5:41pm. Given the relationship between Saturn and Capricorn, many will experience a typical opposition challenge of balancing home, family and comfort, with leadership, ambition and career. The decision  you make on this date, will have energy and take you far – choose wisely.