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Astro Planets for January 2010

Astro Planets for January 2010

The Jan 15th eclipse is the real start of the New Year, especially as Capricorn means corporate and business.   Be aware that Saturn squares Pluto on the first of Feb but impacts most of January. Lots of power struggles limiting activity especially in business there. Try and get to the water/beach if  in the Australian Summer – Jupiter in Pisces can soothe but only around water.

  • January 1 Full Moon Eclipse 10 Cancer 21 at 5:23 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • January 4 Saturn is retrograde 4 Libra 39 1:56 AM Sydney, Australia time
  • January 15 New Moon Eclipse 25 Capricorn 01 5:07 PM Sydney, Australia time
  • January 18 Jupiter enters Pisces 00 Pisces 00 12:10 PM Sydney, Australia time

Those were the major aspects for January 2010 – do any of them aspect YOUR chart?

June: Full Moon in Cancer

June: Full Moon in Cancer

Sydney at 5:35am on Tuesday June 23rd 2009, the Moon in her own sign, Cancer, meets fiery Sun at 1 deg 30. Exactly 1/2 degree away, in opposition, Pluto lumbers into position in Capricorn to do some real usurping of power.  Somewhere in the Universe, parents are uniting with teachers to oppose bureacrats, staff are staging quiet rebellions against toxic bosses, and you… yes, what will you do? It’s a new start but not a new idea. Something that’s been brewing in your noggin for ages. Time to own it, start it, finish it. And pay the piper. Pluto in Capricorn always pays the Piper, on time, and with a tip.

Full Moon in Cancer opp Pluto in Capricorn
CLICK FULL SIZE Full Moon in Cancer opp Pluto in Capricorn
  • Aries – if you’ve been working hard and ignoring brewing issues at home, just try staying on that path!
  • Taurus – Mars and Venus conjunct in your sign, a new moon in your 3rd house and Pluto in your 9th? Talk it over. And be prepared to dig and dig.
  • Gemini – Balance your needs with those of a loved one please! Pleasure and pain too. What’s that you say? Yes you CAN listen as well as talk!
  • Cancer – it’s all about you, love. And your love. What will you choose? A new comfortable start on your own, or a tall dark stranger who can show you the good life, outside of the kitchen/sofa?
  • Leo – The south node is in direct aspect with the New Moon. Don’t let old habits pull you apart. Particularly dietary ones – you know that when the moon is in Cancer you eat comfort food. (12th house).
  • Virgo – sorry about Saturn upsetting you, particularly as you of all signs like routine and fairness. But the old teacher is trining Mars/Venus conjunct in Taurus, so nice earthy activities will help throw off the recent gloom and depressions.
  • Libra- new start in career will be faced down by skullduggery in or near the home. Now it’s time to shine, you wonder if you should. But if someone is holding you back, look to the children. What sort of role model do you really want to be, for them?
  • Scorpio as you make your mark on the world, relationships are also heating up. Those Scorpios that like to be intense and focussed have a lot to choose from this month!
  • Sag – lookin’ good! Geminis are interested, even the married ones, but try to live up to your own high ideals. Philosophy and morals are no good, if you don’t put them into practice.
  • Capricorn – what happened? Pluto is gradually destroying your old life, that’s what happened. And the new moon with it’s conniptions with the nodes, and then Venus/Mars/Saturn playing on the same day will bring the finality of the changes. Try to view them with relief ok?
  • Aquarius – Jupiter and Neptune are still conjunct at 26 degrees, in your sign. You too face changes, but in spite of being a fixed sign, you are enjoying this growth and new challenges. Wacky meets wackier. Thank you, you make the world an interesting place!
  • Pisces – Uranus is also at 26 degrees, aspecting Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius. You too are exploring the stranger side of life. But it’s harder to flow right now, as you move from one reality to another.

As always, my readings are for Sydney times. If you are in London, that’s about 8:30pm the night before (Monday 22nd).  Please let me know how the weekend, and Mon/Tuesday works out for you – on Twitter or here!

AstroNotes: Saturn Direct & Full Moon

AstroNotes: Saturn Direct & Full Moon

Thank the stars this full moon (see June 2009 Stars)  at 17 degrees Gemini/Sag

Saturn is currently in Virgo
Saturn is currently in Virgo

 squares off Saturn at 17 Virgo. For the first time since Saturn went back direct in mid-May (it had been retrograde since late December) I have felt Saturn’s discipline, structure and (in Virgo) need for routine kicking in. 


This week has been more focussed on health (Virgo rules 6th house of health and routine), going to the gym, eating my veggies and generally paying the piper for 5-6 months of general sloth. And it feels good. There is something about Saturn that makes feel happy that we have boundaries. 

I just hope it lasts. Luckily the 17th degree triggers off some gem/sag points for me, so I think it will. 

How about you? Has Saturn kicked in, started you lusting for broccoli, and gym classes? Have stalled activities, meant to bring some structure and routine to your life, started up again?

Stars for June 2009

Stars for June 2009

All times are given in Sydney Australia times – GMT +10 hours.


Mars leaves Aries and enters Taurus on June 1st at 7:18am

Immediately the heated frustration from Mercury retrograde communication muckups cools, and an earthy grounded energy focusses on achieving practical comfort ensues. On June 4th at 2:36pm, Mars 2 degrees Taurus trines Pluto at 2 degrees Capricorn – great for solid comfortable progress, just make sure you reward yourself with home cooking and quality wines. Taurus and Capricorn both know how to wine and dine themselves and others! 

The Full Moon on June 8th at 4:12am at 17 degrees Sag brings into focus our need for answers vs the need to explore. If you find yourself handing out philosophy when someone really wants practical examples and questions or you find yourself offering questions instead of answers to some one who is struggling, stop, and read the situation. The challenge that full moons bring is the right response across the axis. In the case of Gemini vs Sagittarius its questions/exploration of a simple situation vs answers/deep exploration of Sag. 

On June 23rd, Mars 16 Taurus trines Saturn 16 Virgo at 12:43AM, A new moon at 1 degree Cancer at 5:35AM immediately moves into an opposition with Destroyer Pluto 1 degree Capricorn at 5:41pm. Given the relationship between Saturn and Capricorn, many will experience a typical opposition challenge of balancing home, family and comfort, with leadership, ambition and career. The decision  you make on this date, will have energy and take you far – choose wisely.

Natal Chart: Susan Boyle Birth Chart

Natal Chart: Susan Boyle Birth Chart

Susan Boyle Birth chart natal chart
click for full size

Susan Boyle’s birthdate (latest data) is 1 April 1961 at 9:50am in Scotland. 

What is immediately apparent is that Susan Boyle has a full moon chart. Her sun is in Aries, demanding she lead groups (11th house) opposing her Libran moon, in harmonious, creative 5th house. The demands of her creativity versus the demands of the group. Both are squared by Mars (ruler of the Aries sun). That’s a lot of power. 

Gemini ascendants tend to show two sides of their personality within quick succession. The chart is splitting between personal creativity and public leadership: reconciling both is challenging for anyone, let alone an artist that has been downloaded 200 million times in 6 weeks! 

The pairing continues with Pluto conjunct North Node at 6 degrees Virgo. Uranus would’ve opposed this pair (and conjunct south node) a few years ago, freeing her from past traits and negativity particularly associated with Neptunian Pisces traits. Incidentally, Pluto is moving into a square to the nodes/natal Pluto, so the massive changes are only just starting for Susan Boyle.  

A nice indepth piece by Lynn Hayes at Beliefnet here.

New Moon 3 deg Gemini May 24th

New Moon 3 deg Gemini May 24th

New Moon May 24 at 3 Gemini
New Moon May 24 at 3 Gemini

A lot of power for those with planets in the early degrees of air signs. This new moon at 3 Gemini energizes the North Node at nearly 2 degrees Aquarius, forcing a group breaking free or moving into new territory to discuss and cogitate on the nature of change, communication and what is odd or eccentric. If you have a 2-3 degree air watch for amusing offbeat events or get-togethers. Fire be warned – this is not a configuration that suits “me me me”! Enquire about others, listen in groups, you don’t have to always shine. The same degree planets in earth and water will experience something between Fire’s disappointment at not being the centre of attention, and Air’s amusement at the oddness of it all.

All of this is building up to the spectacular Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in a few days time.

click chart for larger version.
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Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius May 2009

Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Aquarius May 2009

On May 28th 2009, at 6:05am AEST Australia, Jupiter conjuncts Neptune at 26 degrees Aquarius. Also at 26 degrees Aquarius is Chiron, the healer. Besides these three at 26 degrees Aquarius, is Mars at 26 degrees Aries. Mars will mostly add energy for a quick change to the whole configuration.


Jupiter makes big, huge in fact, any thing that comes across it’s path. And there is nebulous Neptune, minding her own business right on that path. Aquarians are not particularly orthodox in their interactions so expect major exposures of strange and erratic behaviours. Politics, drugs, movie stars, major illnesses will hit the headlines.

If you have planets at 26 degrees, especially Aquarius, Leo, or Aries watch the antics of those around you. If you are involved in humanitarian, publishing, or performance art, that warning goes double. If you are living your truth, this will blow wide open any doors you have been trying to open. The more serendipitous or strange the connection, the bigger the change it will wrought in your life. Just remember: change is good. It keeps you moving.

There’s an element of trust to this change. If Saturn was involved or one of the other planets, I’d say “preparation” or “study” or “commonsense”. But with Jupiter/Neptune, it’s “trust”. Let go, go with it, keep moving, change is good,  live your dreams, dream your life, that’s all that Jupiter and Neptune meeting up in Aquarius want. And Chiron is there to heal the way.

Mercury is slowing down again getting ready to turn direct from it’s retrograde. Mercury retrograde ends on May 31st at 11:21 AM AEST, Australia.
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Favourite Astrology Podcasts

Favourite Astrology Podcasts

I thought I would share my favourite podcasts – astrology shows I listen to while working, on my iPod or on the PC.

This week in Astrology

Benjamin Bernstein of It’s All Good Astrology has a great weekly podcast called “this week in Astrology.  He and SpiritSong (wishing them the best) give great insights.

Gemini Awakenings

Kathryn Andren & Joseph Mina are from Hawaii and I think there podcast is every Full Moon. Here’s the archive of past ones.

Kelly Lee Phipps is amusing and informative.

They are the three I listen to each month.  You can download them from iTunes (easiest) or from their site (pretty easy too!).

Celebrity: Natasha Richardson

Celebrity: Natasha Richardson

Stuyvesant High School

I am so sad to hear of the death of Liam Neeson’s wife and mother of two children, actress Natasha Richardson. She comes from a “royal” family of wonderful actors. I thought she might be an Sag with Aries moon, but no. Mars in Leo is very involved in dramatic exhibitions, and Sun/Mercury in Taurus is lovely for voice and movement. Venus in Aries – this lady did not hold back on her favor or irritation. Saturn in Aquarius meant a considerable struggle to remain aloof and focussed on the group benefit rather than personal creativity. But I feel that her North Node in Cancer meant she always focussed on home not career.

Click for Natasha Richardson's natal chart
Click for Natasha Richardson's natal chart

Aries rule the head. Taurus cooking (Top Chef host) and Sag is royalty – Hollywood royalty perhaps.

Click for Liam Neeson's natal chart

Her birth time is 5pm – if it was just a few minutes before, a descendent of early degrees Aries would place Pluto in a precarious position. Pluto ruling death and Aries the head. With both Liam and Natasha having Sag moons, I think they met and married during some intense times. Poor Liam – he has south node conjunct Pluto. That’s past ways of working that no longer work and obsession. North node in Aquarius says that no matter how much Plutonic death and destruction is around, keeping calm, and above the situation like an Aquarian is the path to higher knowing.

Easier when it’s an argument with the boss or at the traffic light than when it’s the loss of your spouse. My prayers go out to Liam and the boys.

Artist: David Hockney

Artist: David Hockney

A fascinating insight into the artist David Hockney’s chart over at Learning Curve on the Ecliptic:

I’m not sure how I’ve managed to avoid David Hockney in the Arty-Farty series ’til now – a “Yorkie”, like DavidHockneyme. He was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, UK on 9 July 1937. Cancerian influence is prominent in his chart, Sun and Mercury conjoined are in Cancer along with Pluto. If he was born before 6am then Moon also would have been in Cancer.

It’s interesting that so many of his paintings feature water – Cancer being the Cardinal Water sign of the zodiac.

Without a time of birth for Hockney we can’t know his ascendant. He’s described as “gregarious” and an “ebullient” personality, which brings to mind Sagittarius or Leo rising – but that’s a wild guess.

I didn’t know much about David Hockney, but I am now interested in him. Like I said, great article, you should definitely read it!

David’s chart.