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Astrology Chart: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to wed on May 19, 2018

Astrology Chart: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to wed on May 19, 2018

Astrology Chart for the Wedding of Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle. Very interesting to observe the Royal Family wedding in May just after Uranus heads into Taurus. Uranus is on the Midheaven conjunct Mercury. More than a few upsets there! And the Mercury influence means the whole world will hear about it. Who will refuse to attend the ceremony?  Look at the planets and asteroids at 28/29 and 0 degrees! The Sun is the chart rule (and Meghan Markle’s Sun) about to exit Taurus as Uranus has entered. The fêted actress has leaving and a powerful communicator is moving in. This isn’t quiet “do good” but a speaker with strong convictions and unwavering principles irrespective of current mores. Prince Harry’s Rulers (Mercury for Sun and Saturn for Ascendent) are in a close trine. This is a long term relationship. This is what he wants. The part of fortune at the time of wedding (I know, I know it moves quickly) is exactly conjunct his part of fortune. He feels extremely lucky. Expect tears!

Royal Wedding Prince Harry 2018 Meghan Markle

Prince Harry has a Taurean moon. And Pluto in Taurus! At zero degrees! Uranus opposite natal Pluto is a “generation effect” but when you are a high profile person you lead that generation effect. Whatever happens at this wedding will impact marriage and how marriage is viewed – ricochets through the decades. Perhaps it’s religion or ethnicity. Gawd I hope it’s not fashion and hats! I doubt it – Harry’s Pluto is in the 9th house of global impact.

Natal Venus in Libra will require kindness and fair negotiation above all else in a female companion and the Taurean north node will be a voyage of discovery away from politics & intrigue towards culture and making people comfortable. Prince Harry’s Taurean moon is being trined by transiting Pluto. This is not a small thing for him and evokes deep soul change. That Capricorn ascendent – viewing the world through the eyes of a practical structure. There is no rejection of rituals or rites of passage here. Quite conservative (Saturn ascendent and north node in Taurus) when taken away from temptations to behave addictively (south node in Scorpio)!Prince Harry Natal Chart 1984 Horoscope

Ms Meghan’s Cancerian ascendant means she is ruled by the Goddess of the Moon, the eternal feminine. Cancer feels deeply but defends family and women and ethnicity rights strongly in spite of pain. Mercury and North Node in the first house pulls towards public speaking to defend these rights, and pulls away from submerging into the partner. A tricky chart (when young) because the temptation for south node women is to lose oneself in the relationship. Having been married before this lesson no doubt has been learned. The double whammy is the moon in Libra, how to retain the Cancerian Moon Goddess sense of self and belief in the face of The Other, and The World? Fairness and adventure and values are deeply ingrained with the Moon/Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in the House of Communication. This woman was born to be a warrior – creating family while defending others. Mars in Cancer – she requires a fellow Fighter for Fairness and Freedom. Transiting Neptune shines glamour on her and the event at this time.

Meghan Markle natal chart birth time1981

What a lovely couple! Providing Ms Meghan can convert the Lioness from Actress to Royal leader (not supporting Consort) she’ll do fine. Providing Prince Harry can juggle saturnine career and need for structure (south node in career house) vs warmth and family (north node in 4th house of family) he’ll absolutely be in his element. I wish them both luck on this journey.

If the wedding time changes please let me know? 11am to 12:15pm was the Royal Wedding for Prince William and Ms Catherine Middleton.

Is there anything more New Moon on Neptune with Mars and Uranus Dancing than the Oscars ClusterFuck?

Is there anything more New Moon on Neptune with Mars and Uranus Dancing than the Oscars ClusterFuck?

So today the moon met the Sun on top of Neptune. They danced. They drank. Oh how they laughed. Oh how they cried. Neptune weaved her spells of mist and magic, of confusion and deceit and hurt and lo! The Oscars. First the Memorial wall showed a woman who is very much alive. Pluto what were you doing? I just know you were involved. And then the wrong Best Picture award was handed out. For a moment the shiny star, the golden statue that is Hollywood faltered, we saw behind the veil that is behind the veil. 

The singing, the dancing, the laughing, the crying stopped. For one dizzy moment all was still. Mars, Uranus and Jupiter faced off…

And then it was back to fairy dust and make believe.

Fuck I love Hollywood. Those crazy crazy kids.

[The craycrays aren’t finished yet, oh no siree they are just getting started]

Mars exact with Uranus in Aries, opp exact Jupiter in Libra with Moon conj Sun conj Neptune in Pisces.  That’ll do it.

8 of Cups #Today #Tarot

8 of Cups #Today #Tarot

What’s got you all in a tizzy? The 8 of Cups is #TodaysTarot 8 cups #today #tarot Jan 2017

A funny follow-on from the 4 of Swords yesterday – another “let me just sit this one out”. 8’s are often reviewing and looking at the path we didn’t follow. With the 8 of cups, we are walking away from something that “worked” for something more risky, more heartfelt. With a major Arcana nearby, this is a trial separation from a boyfriend/girlfriend, a job or family, time alone with something not quite right dominating the day thoughts and oh, the nights. On it’s own it’s a few days of foggy thinking, of a slight depression and What’s It All About Alfie existential ennui. In other words, another day for Chillaxing, Netflix (something D&M or at least funny) and comfort food. Yay!

Though I’m not sure we can take too many more days of this navel gazing. New moon on Thursday which demands we are prepared. Perhaps this run of introspective cards is an inner preparation for a big change? Lemme know, I’m intrigued…

4 of Swords #Today #Tarot

4 of Swords #Today #Tarot

Chillax with Netflix if life has been busy/stressful lately, no? 

I must admit, I like it when the 4 of Swords comes up. Time to chill, veg on the sofa, snooze in bed. It can be the card of sickness and hospitals particularly if you have been too stressed by other Sword situations and it’s brought you low, but there is something about the recovery in 4 of Swords that makes me reach for leek and potato soup and an old movie that I really enjoy. What shall it be tonight? The Sound of Music? The Long Kiss Goodnight? or shall we just listen to some classical music? You decide, I’ve made enough decisions lately.

What will this card bring for you today? It’s Friday 6th January 2017 so maybe give up on the Friday night drinks and head home? It’s not like you haven’t partied all year so far! :p

FYI yesterdays 2 of Pentacles ended up being me not doing anything on my to-do list but just tidying up and find a spot for everything. I do think Pentacles like order and neatness. 🙂


2 of Pentacles #Today #Tarot

2 of Pentacles #Today #Tarot

So today I drew the 2 of pentacles. I used the Steampunk Tarot as it’s one of my favourites and the woman with flowing coat trying her darndest to ride a penny farthing through water made me laugh. steampunk tarot two of pentacles

My mind had been wandering to the question “what to do next” as I drew the card and I suspect the answer is “what to do less”! Taking on new projects without considering what other projects I have around the same time often sees me burning the midnight oil as I don’t like to let people down.

Pentacles calls us to work hard and consistently however the two often represents doorways (January! Janus!) or choices. How do you choose what is important? The two reminds us that we don’t know the outcome – which project will make the most money, make us happier, make other people happier, make the world a better place, or even just work? Unlike wands where you are just swept along with fire and passion or cups where you schmooze along with emotion and wonder, pentacles calls you early to evaluate your time and resources, your knowledge and experience, your commitment to the building of a practical project management path to your goals.

I’m guessing the infinity symbol is the eternal treadmill of “should I do this today or this”? Which is exactly what I use the tarot for LOL.

How does the two of pentacles fit into your day’s meditation on “what to do next?”

By the way, here’s Tracy’s review of Steampunk Tarot created Barbara Moore!

3 Of Cups #Today #Tarot

3 Of Cups #Today #Tarot

Will the 3 of Cups mean too much of a good thing #today? #tarot Wednesday 4th January 2017 

I know some people love the Cups cards, as minor arcana tarot they are probably the favourites. But it’s all a bit undeserved as there’s more strife in Cups which are emotionally charged than say Pentacles which is slow and steady and physical. But the 3 of Cups? It’s right up there with good times, parties and fun. If you are on holiday right now, and very likely you are,  this is the day when you just flow from one great discussion to a yummy lunch to awesome drinks. From a chat with your mum to giggling with girlfriends to smooching under the stars with someone too lovely for words. Nothing can go wrong. Oh ok, maybe your credit card is slightly bruised and your new year’s resolution to go to the gym, cut down on carbs and slow up on the wines might have been dented, but who cares! Let the good times roll!

Just tell everyone “The 3 of Cups made me do it”. They’ll understand, right?!? xxxx

Temperance Tarot Card #Today #tarot

Temperance Tarot Card #Today #tarot

How do you make rules for yourself and do they limit your freedom? Temperance: Another Major Arcana today! 

If one more person says “work life balance” to me, I will scream. What does that even mean? I watch Netflix and think about work, I am working on invoicing and downloading the monthly accounts and zip into Facebook to bequeath a witty update. Well, I think it’s witty, I’ll check in a minute and see how many likes it got! Is that work/life balance? What about balancing relationships? If I ring one member of my family do I have to ring them all? If I don’t want to go out should I make myself or “I am not getting out enough”? Temperance can be so unhelpful if we deal in absolutes.

Forgive me, I do like Temperance but only when the rules are thrown out for the human. How about adding a framework to those creative ideas – e.g. taking a course on running a business before starting one, or consciously taking time out, away from everything but host a dinner party first? Alternatively choose to throw yourself into work but meditate for 20 minutes first? Rigid Temperance is Saturn in domineering mode, Freed Temperance is Venus with Mars, creativity with activity, passion with military planning.

Plan, create, find freedom in structure. Harder said than done. I make lists (clean bathroom, send work emails, meditate more, download a movie, do laundry, book car in for a service, go to the gym) and then thank Temperance for helping me mindmap my activities. (I’m not telling if I ever look at the list again! )

Does Temperance increase freedom in your life or limit it? #tarot Tuesday January 3rd 2017

The Empress #tarot #today

The Empress #tarot #today

Does the Empress bring you more possibilities than you can handle?

January 1st: Today’s tarot is The Empress. I don’t feel very Empress-y and I have an (undeserved) hangover from New Year’s Eve (3 drinks in 6 hours is undeserved, even if it’s more than I usually drink). So why did The Empress present today?

Empress Tarot

First a Major Arcana on the first day of the month and the first day of the year. And she is traditionally the #3 Card. I wonder if the Empress brings this year more possibilities than can be handled? Are you sensing “overwhelm” – too much of too many things? The Empress insists you prioritise – resolutions are one way of prioritising your thoughts and actions for the next year. What projects do you want to achieve, what have you started and what will you finish?

My basket is full (some tarot cards have the Empress with a full basket), how does your’s look?

January 1st 2017: Mars conjunct Neptune Astrology

January 1st 2017: Mars conjunct Neptune Astrology

Mars is currently dancing with Neptune in Pisces. Mars doesn’t really like to get up on the dancefloor but Neptune in her own sign is insistent. YOU WILL dance, step forward, back and sideways to a half hidden melody, to truths that are no longer true and face deception uncertain and semi wary.

Dancing is good. Until you are exhausted and it’s time to go home.

Neptune in turn is confronted by this vast energy of Mars. Make your dreams real Mars yells as Neptune dances away.

2017 will be full of dancing, dreams being made real, and certainties being undone.

North Node in South Node House

North Node in South Node House

It seems to me it would be incredibly tricky to have a north node in the south node house. So a cancer north node (learning about nurturing) in a capricorn house (10th house of business and leadership). How do you balance that which is inherently unbalanced? Or perhaps its easier… you are forced to take a career nurturing people and what be business like at home? The south node would be in capricorn in the 4th house. I guess a career in real estate helping people find the best deal to create families on one hand and a strong presence at home helping children understand business and saving and leadership?

  • Aries North Node in 7th House or Libra North Node in 1st House
  • Taurus North Node in 8th House or Scorpio North Node in 2nd House
  • Gemini North Node in 9th House or Saggitarius North Node  in 3rd house
  • Cancer North Node in 10th House or Capricorn North Node in 4th house
  • Leo North Node in 11th House or Aquarius North Node in 5th House
  • Virgo North Node in 12th House or Pisces North Node in 6th House
north node in 7th house or opposite it’s ruling house (detriment)

I don’t have this North Node in South Node house (or vice versa) but I’ve seen it in a few charts lately. Do you have opposing houses for the nodes? How do you deal with the challenge? All the people I met were very strong personalities.