So today I drew the 2 of pentacles. I used the Steampunk Tarot as it’s one of my favourites and the woman with flowing coat trying her darndest to ride a penny farthing through water made me laugh.¬†steampunk tarot two of pentacles

My mind had been wandering to the question “what to do next” as I drew the card and I suspect the answer is “what to do less”! Taking on new projects without considering what other projects I have around the same time often sees me burning the midnight oil as I don’t like to let people down.

Pentacles calls us to work hard and consistently however the two often represents doorways (January! Janus!) or choices. How do you choose what is important? The two reminds us that we don’t know the outcome – which project will make the most money, make us happier, make other people happier, make the world a better place, or even just work? Unlike wands where you are just swept along with fire and passion or cups where you schmooze along with emotion and wonder, pentacles calls you early to evaluate your time and resources, your knowledge and experience, your commitment to the building of a practical project management path to your goals.

I’m guessing the infinity symbol is the eternal treadmill of “should I do this today or this”? Which is exactly what I use the tarot for LOL.

How does the two of pentacles fit into your day’s meditation on “what to do next?”

By the way, here’s Tracy’s review of Steampunk Tarot created¬†Barbara Moore!